why us

why us

Choosing an addiction treatment and rehabilitation center is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life, and one that may require careful thought and consideration.

In some cases, a person’s life may depend on it! The choice of his center

Long history of treatment, being at the forefront of research and training centers,

Providing different types of treatment is vital to ensure that he receives the most comprehensive and effective treatment

You will always receive our aftercare support even after you leave through the aftercare program

• We work to support and assist you in your ordeal until you finally recover and come out to life with a bright and future heart, so you will find us with you in every therapeutic step you need and every advice you need you will always find with us.
• The real beginning of your journey occurs when you leave our center. Our motive is to provide you with a sound basis the greatest chance of lasting success and increase the quality of life encounters with its conditions and conditions.
• Communicating with us on this trip increases the effectiveness of our programs and refines the expertise of our team in order to constantly monitor weaknesses and improve the quality of our treatment.
Support from others is an invaluable aspect of recovery and our goal is to encourage as much of this into our centers and as much as we can. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves.

Strong and proper administration in the treatment of addiction achieves the best therapeutic results

Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt offers a common set of treatments that are customized to meet the unique and individual needs of each patient. Therefore, in our treatment programs, we have taken into account that they are designed individually and collectively to provide access to a wide range of different types of addiction, under the supervision of the best doctors and psychologists from the Arab world, and they are committed to the principle of complete care conducted by the Quality Care Committee and the Health Control Authority, which is organized in England.

Leadership and good reputation

Throughout 25 years of service, we always strive to provide distinguished and innovative services in the field of addiction treatment, and over time this effort has helped build a good reputation inside and outside Egypt, praise be to God, as a result of our remarkable successes achieved by the hospital in treating addiction for an increasing number of patients in The Arab world. During these years we have provided assistance to more than fifteen thousand addiction patients, and we continue to develop and improve our treatments to integrate modern needs, our therapists attend seminars and trainings regularly in order to expand their knowledge, experience and studies to deal with all different types of addiction

You will feel at home

So that every patient knows that Future Hospital provides him with the best treatments, he will find the necessary care and attention. . We provide you with an atmosphere of freedom and calm that will make you feel at home, in addition, all your needs will be taken care of, attention and service so that you can focus on your recovery.

We deal with the underlying issues that lead to addiction

At Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt, we don't just ask you to fill out a paper to enter the center. We want to help you identify the symptoms of the disease and how to control it. Our goal is not to offer you temporary control of your symptoms but to make sure you are cured of all underlying issues. that led to your addiction in the first place, equip the person with the tools to prevent it from happening again.
We strongly believe that this is an integral part of our treatment because these tools are the effective means of moving forward in life and adapting to an outside society without which a person may revert to previous addictive behavioral patterns.
Recovery isn't just a matter of lodging and hotel service, addiction is a problem deeper than someone who treats it as simple... We'll help you get all the tools you need to lay the foundation for a happier, stronger, healthier, productive life just don't ask From a person who has experience in this, it is enough for us to try and try at first.

We will always be with you

Our centers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… Availability of therapists during long working hours from 8:00 to 22:00, and additional staff available at night, we provide assistance anytime, anywhere and with anyone who needs help Help .

Fresh food culinary experience

Nutrition and food are a very important factor in a healthy recovery from addiction, and in Abu Rjeleh Hospital, you will feel the difference when eating fresh meals prepared by the greatest chefs, taking into account the healthy balance and tastes of the inmates, in addition to a customized and variable diet program designed for people and taking into account personal preferences.

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