Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment

We are the future hospital for psychiatry and addiction treatment in Egypt

We are the Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt. We are the latest addiction treatment centers in Egypt. It is a unique and innovative approach in the world of psychiatry and addiction treatment. It is affiliated with the Foundation of Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt International, which has been working in the field of addiction treatment since its establishment. year 2000.

Don't let your fear of treatment delay your decision on your recovery journey, fight for your future.

work hours

All days of the week 24/7

Our Location

New Cairo.. Fifth Settlement 11865

Stages of treatment at Future Hospital

Addiction treatment course and drug detoxification at home

Questions and Answers

We deal with all types of drug abuse and addiction and other addictions and with all groups, ages and conditions

We have specialized programs that suit the conditions of your work and your family, and the duration of treatment is according to the initial diagnosis that the client undergoes at the beginning of the stage

We have the highest rates of success and recovery in the Middle East, we have helped thousands of patients over the past years

Yes, it allows communication with first-degree relatives through periodic visits, over the phone, and through online communication programs for residents of other countries

We use the latest addiction treatment methods in the world. Learn about them in detail through our website. We also have specialized programs for all types of drug addiction.

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