Addiction Treatment Drug

Addiction Treatment Drug

Treatment of drug addiction after noticing that you have a problem with drug addiction, you must speed up going to a specialized treatment centers, the treatment of drug addiction is not easy but it is possible, because we are here at the Future Center we use the best drug protocols, and we have the best therapeutic team takes your hand to the road to recovery , and ensures that you get out of the problem in all its dimensions in peace and security.

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a life-threatening condition. Drug addiction is a pathological cycle characterized by the need to seek out and use drugs despite negative effects and consequences; It is also a condition that takes a lot of time to find compulsive medications, and the abuser doesn't stop it even if it causes negative consequences for him. Addiction in general is forcing an individual to use and abuse things to an excessive and destructive extent; This need to use and abuse drugs can be very strong and potentially life-threatening; It is often spilled not only to harm the user, but also to family and friends. The most common types of drugs, including the following:
• Alcohol and liquor.
• Substances used in clubs (GHB, Ketamine, MDMA (Ecstasy / Moly), Rohypnol).
Hallucinogens (ayahuasca / D-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) / butyrate (mescaline) phencyclidine (PCP) / DMT).
• Inhalants (solvents / aerosols / gases / nitrites).
• Hemp / Hashish / Marijuana / Industrial Hemp (K2 / Spice).
• Steroids (Anabolic) / Methamphetamine / Alope / Captagon.
• Opiates (heroin / fentanyl / oxycodone / hydrocodone / codeine / morphine).
• Cocaine / Synthetic Cathonones (Bath Salts) / Estrox / Voodoo.

Who are at risk of drug addiction?

Anyone can become a drug addict; Some people may be more likely to use drugs based on family history (genetic predisposition), social, gender or race factors.

Why is there a need for more drug substances?

Over time, your body adapts to the drug, is no longer called chemicals that provide a sense of euphoria; This is called tolerance, when this happens, you will need more and more of the drug to feel the same high level that has been tested for the first time; Since it is more drug consumption, they enjoy other aspects of life less, family obligations and social work may also fall on the side, the need to restore medicine to restore the original height can become a fully depreciated.

What are the causes of drug addiction?

Addiction causes changes in the brain over time. It is actually a disease in the brain because of the way that can affect the material on the brain for a long period of time. It can be continued use of narcotic drugs leads to change the way the brain works. Although the first use of the drug is by choice. But the addiction creates the need for medication after continuous use. It can reduce the ability to make decisions, such as to stop drug abuse due to the effect of the drug on the brain.

What are the confirmed symptoms of drug addiction?

Try, or failure to reduce drug use or control. Struggling to complete tasks at work, school or home. Participation in risky behaviors (driving while having sex with weak or the protection); Continue to risk despite knowing the negative consequences, suffering from withdrawal symptoms when you stop the drug.

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