Drug Addiction Treatment Lirica

What is the medicine for Lyrica?

Medicine for Lyrica is a derivative of a chemical substance Pregabalin, which is used in the treatment of pain caused by nerve damage due to diabetes, spinal cord injury, or herpes infection logical, known as herpes zoster, and also used for Lyrica in the treatment of people suffering from the pain of fibromyalgia, known syndrome muscular pain rampant.
Rarely used medication for Lyrica in the treatment of addiction, and in some cases may cause addiction in the case of high dependence, and classified pill for Lyrica as a control under the fifth category in the United States of America.

The mechanism of action of the drug Lyrica

Also working for a drug Lyrica to prevent excessive movement of nerve cells, similar to the function of this drug and the function of the neurotransmitter GABA, which is balancing the electrical signals in the nervous system, to reduce the release of the carrier signals nervous.
It also works mainly to adjust the electrical activity in the brain, so that reduces the severity of symptoms of pain-causing epileptic seizures.

Why is Lyrica addictive?

Lyrica addiction is considered one of the most difficult challenges that poses a threat to societies, especially Arab youth, due to the ease of obtaining the drug and its spread in designated sales outlets in all countries, and the lack of sufficient awareness about the risks caused by this drug, which has turned into a bad disease among Abusers.
Lyrica capsules are nothing but a disease in a medicine package that was manufactured in order to cure some diseases such as, inflammation of the nerves..etc, as mentioned previously, then the drug turned into addiction.
Lyrica addiction occurs due to the high impulsivity of girls and young people. Many of them have resorted to taking medicines and drugs without consulting a doctor, with the motive that the drug helps them increase their thinking and reduce stress, especially during exams; The study conducted by the Future Hospital entitled “Reducing the demand for drugs” indicates that Lyrica is at the top of the list of drugs widely used among all groups of young people, many of whom know the consequences of the illegal use of Lyrica pills, which may lead to what is known conduct disorder, and herein lies the danger in what this represents in the commission of crimes.

What is the relationship to the drug Lyrica drug Tramadol?

Lyrica capsules are one of the drugs that have spread during the last period and increased in popularity significantly as a legitimate alternative to tramadol, especially after the control of the circulation of “tramadol” significantly in many Arab countries, and strict judgments were issued to all those who work to trade or deal with it according to the law Because Lyrica is one of the narcotic substances that cause a lot of psychological and physical harm to those who use it, in addition to the social harm that is clearly reflected on members of society, and with the absence of tramadol tablets and its sudden disappearance, smugglers and drug dealers began to invent an alternative to these tablets, which is “Lyrica pills.” “.

Addiction treatment pills Lyrica (Addiction Treatment Lirica)

Detoxification through medical intervention (Lyrica addiction treatment)
Also in this step, a medical team specialized in drug detoxification in general. Therefore, we are here in front of one of the types of medical drugs that cause addiction. It is Lyrica pills, and one of the pharmaceutical protocols used in the treatment of addiction is used, according to the patient's health condition.
Therefore, addiction treatment drugs help to overcome this stage without feeling the pain caused by the sudden cessation. Also about taking these capsules, which are represented by many symptoms. Such as drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, swelling in the legs, weight gain, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation.
Psychotherapy and behavioral rehabilitation (Lyrica addiction treatment)
After completing the detoxification process, we quickly direct the patient to psychotherapy, followed by enrolling the addict in rehabilitation programs.
• Psychological treatment for addiction
This step is also specialized in psychology and is based on encouragement and increasing determination to get rid of this deadly enemy hiding in the addict's body. In addition to correcting some misconceptions that may be a major cause of addiction to such pills.
• Psychological and behavioral rehabilitation programs
Also, whose role is to help the addict face society again without returning to addiction. Therefore, as the treatment of any psychological disorders may be the reason for the return of addiction again. And that through individual and group treatment sessions with the help of a group of former addicts. Sharing experiences and supporting people newly recovering from drug addiction.

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