Treatment Of Heroin Addiction

What is heroin?

Heroin is the alkaloid morphine extracted from the poppy plant. It has a strong narcotic effect on the central nervous system. It was first synthesized in 1874 by an English chemist and re-manufactured by German chemist Henrik Dresard to treat tuberculosis, and heroin was subject to the Drug Misuse Act. It was established in 1971 and is classified under a Class A controlled drug.

The scientific name for heroin is dimorphine or dimethylmorphine, and it is used in the UK as a powerful pain reliever for severe physical pain. It is used after surgery, chronic pain and myocardial infarction, and heroin is used as a strong and effective analgesic in advanced stages of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Heroin is known by the common name of a chemical compound called diacetylmorphine. It is one of the chemical derivatives of morphine in an inactive form, and it changes when the body enters the morphology of morphine, affecting its effects by affecting the neurotransmitter of morphine.

Mechanism of heroin in the brain

Heroin it works across many parts responsible for sensation in the brain stem, through the opium receptors in the brain, which affects breathing, blood pressure and is responsible for vigilance. Also it reduces heroin from organic jobs activity and the activity of the organism in general.

These include the effects of a decrease in the central nervous system, with the exception of the olfactory and auditory approaches that are not affected by it, as ganglion cell Staphylococcus are constantly changing because protoplasm live material swollen and turbid and affected by melting granulation, not the nucleus is the foundation stone in the cell at times.

heroin addiction

Heroin addiction is one of the fastest growing types of addiction, heroin addiction begins as soon as a person takes the first dose of heroin and generates a feeling of euphoria that motivates him to take more of it.

And the danger of addiction to heroin increases in that it causes the addict to increase his dose continuously and not only suffice with a fixed dose, and he cannot stop it easily because heroin addiction is a psychological and organic addiction and therefore its withdrawal symptoms may be severe.

While morphine and opium have medicinal value if used properly as a pain reliever, heroin is not used as a medicinal drug due to its strong narcotic effect, and heroin addicts use it through inhalation as a powder or injected into a vein.

Addiction to pills and how Captagon happen?

• Captagon, which is known as chemical courage, makes its users feel energetic and happy, as proven by research and studies within. Future Foundation for Addiction Treatment; That drug produces a kind of euphoria, makes it talk a lot, and keeps them awake for long periods, with no desire for food. This is in contrast to amphetamines.

• Captagon does not increase the patient's blood pressure, which means that it can be used to treat people with cardiovascular diseases. In return, it is a drug that makes it very addictive and therefore it became illegal in most countries in 198., as reported by the British newspaper The Sun.

• Captagon is one of the toxins prevalent in Arab societies under many names and forms such as the ghost and the German. Al-Fada’i, Abu Qawseen, Qudum, and other names that have spread among addicts of these poisons; It also causes many effects, which are characterized by increased energy and productivity, appetite suppression, euphoria, and enhanced self-confidence and speech. They appear only a few minutes after ingestion, up to a maximum of 15 minutes, and persist for 10 to 12 hours.

How can you tell if a person is addicted to heroin?

Heroin is a dangerous type of opiate drug that causes its abusers to reach the stage of addiction, and heroin is abused through smoking or in the form of powder that is inhaled or injected into a vein, and this is considered the most dangerous.

An individual's addiction to heroin begins as soon as he receives the first dose of it, as this creates a feeling of relief for the addict. A sense of euphoria follows, which prompts the addict to take successive doses to continue this feeling. Therefore, heroin addicts resort to using it by injection to reach this state quickly, and the signs that appear on the vein at the injection site are one of the symptoms of heroin abuse.

What is the impact on the heroin addict?

The general feeling that controls heroin users is the feeling of warmth. And sometimes there is a mild dizziness, but people who eat heroin for the first time they have often side effects. Such as nausea and severe vomiting.

These symptoms may make a lot of people are ashamed of the abuse of heroin. But in the case of the experiment again, feel the feeling that has been described. Then keep the use of heroin, and to know that many psychiatrists found that people who use heroin can do so.

heroin addiction treatment

Treatment for heroin addiction begins from the moment the addict decides to stop using it. And this decision must be taken from within him to be patient and continue in the stages of treatment. It is best to treat heroin addiction in a specialized medical center until full medical supervision is available. At Future Hospitals, we have the best medical team equipped and specialized in treating these types of drugs.

The medical and clinical team at Future Hospital use a highly effective method to help patients stop addiction. Especially to eliminate heroin addiction completely. The treatment methods are divided into three successive stages:

Detoxification stage

This phase begins about 6 to 8 hours after the last dose. It ends when two or three days pass, and then begins to fade gradually over a period of one week to 10 days. In this step, a team of distinguished doctors in detoxification works to cleanse the entire body. Detoxing without feeling pain and without using a placebo of any kind of alternative drug.

We use a unique combination of medications to help individuals overcome . At this stage without feeling any pain resulting from the sudden cessation of heroin use.

Psychotherapy and rehabilitation (heroin addiction treatment)

This stage is the most important stage in the treatment of heroin addiction. Such as rehabilitation of the addict and help to get rid of the effects of heroin addiction and reintegration into society again. And not only the rehabilitation of the addict but also the rehabilitation of the family and acquaintances so that they can deal with them properly. and educate them about the main symptoms of heroin addiction so that they can monitor and follow up on their patients after treatment. Treatment and behavioral phase (heroin addiction treatment)

This stage is related to the previous stage. Awareness sessions are held to enlighten those who abuse heroin. Replacing a bad environment and companionship with another good environment encourages heroin treatment.

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