Re-behavioral Rehabilitation Service

Psychiatric and Rehabilitation Services

We provide all treatment and recreational services to help you discreetly! Addiction treatment requires a lot of effective tools to achieve its success, providing the best services to provide a supportive environment for the treatment of the addict, and working on the latest discussions and research to develop treatment systems A unique set of addiction treatment services to provide all patient needs inside and outside the treatment system to combat and treat addiction and substance abuse. Our services are distinguished by the effectiveness of their role in the treatment of addiction Learn more about psychotherapy services
• Detoxing and dealing with withdrawal symptoms Detox Services.
• Medical treatments to treat physical ailments related to abuse.
• Full board (psychological and behavioral rehabilitation programs).
• Half board (for university students - workers in locations that do not allow them full residence).
• Treatment of relapsed (those who have not been successful in other treatment programs).
• Medication protocols for treating drug abusers.
• After care programs.
• Family counseling (to raise awareness of status changes in the addict).
• Treatment of Comorbidity disorders abuse.

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