Our vision and goals

Our vision and goals

That we have a solution and helped us ourselves to see this solution represented by the people who regained their lives and returned to their lives until they are today productive and recovering in their community, and even some of them were honored to join the treatment team to see the miracle achieved by helping new people and giving them hope and confidence even just by seeing them recovered and healthy. We trust that an addict is someone who can change, recover and return to their community if they have the right intention and the right path to treatment, and this may be the right step to move forward in this process, and many people have spent their lives and have not found a solution, we are like These are to guide them to the right path. We also feel our responsibilities towards our society in facing this disease and we seek through the society to provide modern addiction treatment programs and the possibility of awareness to families and people who suffer from the consequences of this disease and to provide models of hope for individuals who are looking for a new way of life without alcohol or drugs. We are fully committed to the ethics of our profession, which are represented in the following principles:

1. Interest It is the responsibility to encourage all that is good for others.

2. Do no harm It is the full, positive commitment to avoid activities that may harm the customer, even if the harm is unintentional.

3. Justice A commitment to provide equal and fair treatment to all clients regardless of other factors such as age, gender, race, aesthetics, cultural background, socioeconomic capabilities, lifestyle or religion.

4. Sincerity Obligations to clients must be faithfully obeyed. The facilitator or person providing assistance must create an atmosphere of trust and a therapeutic climate where people can discover their own personal solutions to their problems and there must be no deception or exploitation.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

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