Addiction Treatment Alastrox


Addiction Treatment Alastrox: What is the anesthetic Alastrox? And how to prevent addiction, and why is Alastrox the most dangerous among other drugs, and what is its chemical composition that causes addiction, and what are the methods of treatment, prior knowledge of the treatment of addiction steps Alastrox must know what is Alastrox.

What is the anesthetic Alastrox?

What is Estrox drug, Estrox is a new drug in the world of drugs, and it is a very strong drug compared to other types of drugs, because the drug contains highly addictive chemicals such as Hyoscine; atropine/atropine; Hyoscyamine.
These chemicals directly anesthetize the entire nervous system of the addict, causing psychotic distortions and visual and auditory hallucinations. Astrox is one of the most dangerous drugs that affect the mental health of humans because it contains many harmful substances that destroy the user physically and mentally.
Estrox is classified as one of the synthetic “drugs”, it is manufactured with great skill such as tramadol, and it is also a synthetic drug with different tools in the manufacture, and it is sold in the form of small bags each containing only 4 grams, and the price of the bag is 350 pounds according to the Egyptian market, and there Differences in price due to where they are sold.

Mechanism of anesthetic Alastrox

Alastrox works to control some of the functions of the nervous system, which ensures the memory part of the brain, also it affects the nerve receptors associated with other narcotic substances such as hashish
. But with the additional impact of chemicals that interfere with the chemical composition of the anesthetic Alastrox, such as painkillers and materials listed above and some of the materials used in the extermination of insects, which make it the strongest influence among the species-like, such as hashish and marijuana.

Addiction anesthetic Alastrox

Estrox addiction is the latest type of addiction that has emerged in the world of drugs in recent years among all age groups among young men and girls in Egypt. The rate of abuse of Estrox reached 40%, and the strange thing is that Estrox does not fall within the scope of criminalization until after the beginning of the year 2019, and this helped spread and use it easily within the Arab countries.
Estrox addiction has reached all markets in Arab countries, particularly Egypt. It has spread since about 2013, and the addiction to estrox has increased to an active force that has doubled the effect of marijuana and cannabis to 200 times.

Addiction Alastrox and its relationship to the rich, especially females

Therefore, in the beginnings of the spread of estrogen, it was associated with the wealthy category, especially girls. This is due to drug pushers. This is the first target they are looking for. As the Strox is expensive, and most of its clients are residents of high-end areas, as well as university students and private institutes. In the end, the use of estrogens decreased to a young age group, ranging from about 9 to 16 years.
Especially since the females are the ones who accept the use of estrox greedily. They do not realize the extent of the damage and the dangers it causes to them, and it is sold in the form of perfumes or aromatic substances. No one is looking for how to cure estrox or seriously trying to cure estrox addiction.

What are the symptoms of addiction anesthetic Alastrox (Addiction Treatment Alastrox)

We always find that there is a similarity between all types of substances in narcotic symptoms resulting from abuse and ill-treatment. Thus, the symptoms of addiction Alastrox is similar with the symptoms of addiction hashish and marijuana, and some of the symptoms of addiction Alastrox:
Also the loss of the ability to balance | Control of the nervous system and anesthetize completely | Permanent tension Balblaom. Permanent redness in the face | Always addict suffers from a rattle sound. | The addict suffers from pupil dilation | The addict also suffers a state of auditory and visual hallucinations.

Treatment of addiction anesthetic Alastrox

Addiction treatment Alastrox begins to address withdrawal symptoms encountered by an addict when he decides to stop drug abuse. Which often resemble the symptoms of withdrawal of marijuana. This usually takes 15 days to 3 weeks, and this may increase slightly depending on the dose that was abused by the person addicted.
Then the patient, which is called in hospitals to treat addiction Future "student is subject to addiction. So many of the programs known as psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. Which in turn enables the student to deal with all the social and psychological conditions. Which can be surrounded by it without falling into the trap of addiction again.

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