Addiction Treatment Program In 28 Days

7-day addiction treatment

Future is pleased to be able to offer our clients a variety of different drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs to overcome substance abuse and addiction. We know that going into treatment is one of the most difficult decisions a person dealing with substance abuse faces, so we strive to create an environment that encourages openness, honesty, and positive decisions in a supportive environment. We believe this type of environment provides our customers with the best possible chance for a full recovery.

We offer a 7-day treatment program that combines detox and psychotherapy treatments. Clients can use it as the only treatment option or as a starting point for ongoing treatments once the program is complete. The top priority in our 7-day treatment is to help patients work through the withdrawal process as safely and comfortably as possible.

Why is withdrawal necessary

Addiction to drugs and alcohol has profound effects on the body and mind. Before the mind can be effectively dealt with, the body must first be free of the toxic substances within it. This is achieved by eliminating toxins in a process known as withdrawal.

The withdrawal process used by Future is always medically supervised and directed towards relieving as much anxiety and discomfort as possible. Detoxing and withdrawal are by no means fun, but our trained professionals use specific medications and withdrawal strategies that make the process more tolerable.

Rest assured that our approach is a holistic approach designed to engage with body, mind, and spirit. Detoxing medications can relieve some withdrawal symptoms, while psychological therapies speak to the mind and soul. We encourage all participants for a seven-day period to make use of psychological therapies as much as possible during their stay.

The 7-day recovery program applies to:

Opioids and benzodiazepines Amphetamines and methamphetamine
Medicines recipes
Over-the-counter medications.
Follow why withdrawal is necessary
In addition to a medically supervised detox, our 7-day treatment also includes advice and tips for preparing clients for discharge from the hospital. Through counseling sessions, clients can learn about a variety of topics, including:
Root Causes of Addictive Behavior
How does addiction affect family relationships? Reintegration into work and social life
Develop coping and avoidance strategies Future welcomes clients with any form of substance abuse or addiction. We also offer treatments for those with concurrent conditions (dual diagnosis). Our 7-day treatment program may be just what you need to move forward on the road to complete recovery.
If you or a loved one has had any kind of struggle with substance abuse, we invite you to contact Future today. Our comprehensive approach to recovery can lead you to a better and brighter tomorrow free of the addictions that control you now. Freedom is possible. We want to help you make it happen. FREE CALL BACK SERVICE
We offer a free call back service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enter your number below and one of our addiction counselors will contact you shortly.Why choose Future
Free care afterwards
Great facilities
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A large part of our treatment philosophy here at Future is a commitment to providing our clients with as many options as possible. Our 14-day treatment program is a testament to this commitment. It's a treatment program for people who need more treatment opportunities than a seven-day program but don't necessarily need the full 28-day program recommended for more serious cases.

Our 14-day treatment is ideal for patients still in the early stages of addiction who are eligible to receive adequate care through a combination of detox treatments and counseling. It is also an excellent program for those who have previously completed treatment but have since relapsed. Our counseling treatments can help patients who have relapsed understand the mechanisms of relapse so they can avoid doing it again.

28-day addiction treatment program

Also, Future's 28-day treatment program is our most comprehensive and intense program, designed for clients with long-term addictions who require the most comprehensive treatments. If a full assessment of your conditions assumes this is the best course of treatment for you, rest assured that you will receive the best possible care provided by our fully trained medical professionals and support staff.

Our 28-day treatment is based on a holistic approach that seeks to heal body, mind and spirit. To this end, we develop a customized treatment plan for each client to ensure treatments meet individual needs. Our 28-day program features:

Medically Supervised Detox - If healing therapies for the mind and soul are to be effective, the body must first be cleansed of the chemicals within. This is the goal of detoxing. Our alcohol and drug disposal programs are medically supervised at all times and may include the use of certain medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms. There is no safer way to detox.

Individual Counseling - Clients in our 28-day program receive therapeutic counseling on an individual basis with experienced therapists. CBT and DBT are the most common forms of individual counseling; Both are highly effective in helping patients understand the root causes of addiction.

Group Counseling - We also believe in the power of the group counseling environment. This type of counseling is offered to our clients in order to benefit from the mutual support and accountability that a group setup provides. Family Therapy - At Future, don't forget the family. We work with families in a safe and stable environment to address the impact of addiction on them and, ultimately, to prepare them for the future when their loved ones are discharged from treatment.

Medication Management - In cases where clients are prescribed certain drugs to improve their treatments, we teach them appropriate management techniques so that these drugs do not become an alternative addiction. Follow the addiction treatment program for 28 days

Upon completion of our 28-day program, clients will be ready to reintegrate into family life and their communities. Our help continues through aftercare services. We know that aftercare is vital to preventing relapse, so we strive to ensure that every client who completes treatment is provided in the following weeks and months. Aftercare services include:

12-Step Fellowship Meetings

Aftercare Group Meetings

Ongoing counseling as needed

Life Skills Counseling

Access our 24-hour helpline at no additional charge.

Our 28-day treatment program is the most intense and comprehensive we offer. If you or a loved one has a long-term addiction, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about this program. It can make a huge difference in your life or the life of your loved one.

Secondary addiction treatment Future

Extended Care - Duration Depends on Individual Requirements The objectives of the secondary programs are to build on the positive gains made during primary treatment. Clients are encouraged to continue to identify what needs to change and how the change can be implemented. They are also encouraged to examine feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and relationships to ascertain how they might be self-defeating. They will take an inventory of their personality traits which can then be used to take positive steps toward recovery.

Encouragement by modifying self-defeating behaviors, striving for openness and honesty in all aspects of life, improving relationships, dealing with negative emotions constructively, and setting realistic and achievable goals.

The core program consists of a rolling schedule of educational and experiential group work sessions addressing the elements of recovery. The program builds on those techniques that research has indicated are effective in helping people stop their substance abuse. These approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step facilitation, relapse management and prevention, and problem solving. Decision making and goal setting.

We constantly evaluate our services to ensure maximum benefit to the client, thus enabling us to reduce the risk of harm. The activities we provide to achieve this are:

Educational workshops on a variety of topics including:

Relationships, personal responsibility, anger and stress management, health and well-being, nutrition and exercise, financial management, conflict resolution, relapse prevention and self-esteem.

In addition, we aim to ensure that the client transitions smoothly from treatment to everyday life. We assess each individual to ascertain the specific difficulties they may have to overcome and with this information we create a customized plan of care to incorporate the solution of these issues, which may include:

Education - resume or start
Recruitment - Resume or start
lack of confidence
Lack of social skills
Shortage of life skills
Mental and/or physical health.
Secondary addiction treatment support
The client will be fully involved in the care planning process and will be supported in working towards achievable goals. Regular reviews of the care plan will enable both employees and clients to monitor progress and move safely to the next goal. Clients will also engage in household and gardening tasks and peer mentoring and support to generate self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of responsibility. Volunteer work and new hobbies or interests will be encouraged.
The more involved and proactive the client is in setting and achieving goals, the more likely the outcome will be long-term and the recovery sustainable. Being able to face and deal with difficulties gives a sense of accomplishment that will encourage the client to see this as “normal” behaviour, and so there will be less likelihood of a catastrophic event causing a relapse.

Secondary addiction treatment support

Approximately 30 hours per week will be spent in structured groups, some of which will be used to replicate learning from primary care. In addition, we offer yoga classes, art groups, and acupuncture for everyone. Attendance at self-help groups is essential to this programme.

We use a number of methods in order to monitor change in each individual including continuous assessment by consultants, through a teamwork process and through the interaction of support workers with clients as they go about their daily scheduled activities.

Multidisciplinary notes are made at the end of each day for each individual, and these notes will be used to inform the team that is delivered each morning and in regular case reviews and will be part of the information used to address any issues in a timely manner and to adjust the individuals' care plan. All staff are trained to deliver the intervention to ensure the best possible retention in treatment, which leads to better outcomes.

We strive to work closely with external agencies to ensure that users of the Service have a support network available to them. A wide range of services may be necessary for an individual to successfully recover from a long-term substance abuse problem.

These may include:
Housing Support
Consulting for education, training, volunteer work and employment
Family care/treatment
Protection services for dependent children
Primary and/or acute health services for additional medical problems
Clinical Mental Health Services
We communicate with agencies that our service users may need and, where possible, arrange fast referral protocols to give clients quick access to the services they need at a crucial time in the treatment journey. Access to services when needed.

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