Addiction Treatment Captagon

Addiction Treatment Captagon

Addiction treatment Captagon: "Captagon" is a medicine shift to the disease is the most powerful stimulant effect on the central nervous system, and the fact that manufactured for the purpose of treatment of attention deficit disorder, the treatment of addiction Captagon depends on many of the steps ... before that you should know what is the reality of pills Captagon.

What is Captagon and how it works?

Captagon was the brand name for a psychoactive drug produced by the German company Degussa Pharma Group in 1961. It was sold as white tablets bearing a distinctive logo including a half-moon; This drug is mainly prescribed as a treatment for attention deficit disorder, and works to stimulate the central nervous system.
Its main markets are Europe and the Middle East, and Captagon tablets contain 50 milligrams of phenytylene, a synthetic drug of the phenethylamine family. To which amphetamine belongs, Captagon pills are also included in the family of drugs known as amphetamines, and these drugs are chemically related to natural neurotransmitters such as dopamine and epinephrine (also known as adrenaline). When a person takes Captagon pills, their metabolism cuts off the drug from the amphetamine itself, as does theophylline. It is a molecule that occurs naturally in small amounts in tea and has cardiac stimulating activity. Amphetamine drugs stimulate the central nervous system, increase alertness, increase focus and physical performance, and provide a sense of well-being.

What is the mechanism of Captagon in the brain?

“Ceptagon” stimulates the permanent discharge of vesicles, which are responsible for storing chemical conductors, which help in transferring electrical charge from one cell to another inside the human brain, which in turn stimulates many mental processes, such as focus, attention, thinking and many other activities.
Captagon also prevents the absorption of these chemical conductors inside these vesicles, and the mediating carrier of these effects is through the blood to the brain, and here we find … If you want to stay awake for a long time, or drive your car while you are awake without having to sleep, or you want to feel high and happy , then you should take Captagon pills; This is how the Captagon pills are presented, and this is how the journey of addiction to it begins.
These images show the analysis of the signaling pathway for amphetamine, which helps activate addiction; One way is to prevent amphetamine VMAT2 from transporting dopamine into synaptic vesicles, on the other hand, amphetamine binds to TAAR1 and then increases phosphorylation of DAT, which releases more dopamine into the synaptic cleft, D1 receptors on the postsynaptic membrane are activated and the following signals are transduced to lead to FosB factor accumulation.

Addiction to pills and how Captagon happen?

• Captagon, which is known as chemical courage, makes its users feel energetic and happy, as proven by research and studies within. Future Foundation for Addiction Treatment; That drug produces a kind of euphoria, makes it talk a lot, and keeps them awake for long periods, with no desire for food. This is in contrast to amphetamines.

• Captagon does not increase the patient's blood pressure, which means that it can be used to treat people with cardiovascular diseases. In return, it is a drug that makes it very addictive and therefore it became illegal in most countries in 198., as reported by the British newspaper The Sun.

• Captagon is one of the toxins prevalent in Arab societies under many names and forms such as the ghost and the German. Al-Fada’i, Abu Qawseen, Qudum, and other names that have spread among addicts of these poisons; It also causes many effects, which are characterized by increased energy and productivity, appetite suppression, euphoria, and enhanced self-confidence and speech. They appear only a few minutes after ingestion, up to a maximum of 15 minutes, and persist for 10 to 12 hours.

Captagon pills between the addict and symptoms

We always find that each drug for its symptoms, so the Captagon pills show many symptoms. Which can be observed on the person who uses, including:

Symptoms of pills Captagon

Excessive tea drinking heavily, smoking heavily, and the presence of an unpleasant odor in the mouth, increased sweating, and pupil dilation. Accelerated heart rate and skin pigmentation constant and biting teeth. After the time of bleeding clearly appears in the nose, hands rubbing the nose Shivers repeated images, also contributes to the reduction of appetite.

And the inability to sleep and sleep for long periods because it is first class. This is one of the most important reasons for the rapid deterioration of the state addict Captagon. And do not get enough premium sleep, and always what happens to those pills hallucinations and delusions that users do not exist.

Addiction treatment Captagon

Captagon pills between addiction and treatment, Captagon is the most common drug among many young people in Arab countries. And the process of treating addiction to those discs need effort and persistence. Because it causes a lot of harm even after you stop taking it, so the journey of treating addiction from Captagon begins through four consecutive steps, namely:

Steps to treat addiction to Captagon pills

At the Future Center for Addiction Treatment. A treatment program has been planned for each patient to help eliminate all psychological aspects that led to addiction to these pills. The program is determined in terms of diagnosis, which explains all the details before developing a treatment plan… And now we leave you with the effective steps to treat Captagon addiction:

First get rid of toxins

We rid the body of toxins and restore it to normal. This is done through the use of some pharmacological protocols that help the patient to overcome this stage. So that the patient does not suffer from withdrawal symptoms resulting from stopping taking Captagon, and therefore the patient's first stage, which is the relatively difficult stage, may end. This is done under the supervision of the best experienced drug detoxifiers in Egypt.

Second stage of psychotherapy

This treatment is done before, during, and after the start of the treatment phase of stopping Captagon use. This is in order to increase the user's will to quit, and his ability to bear the symptoms of withdrawal and be patient with them. It is required after treatment, in order to deter the abuser from returning to this type of addiction.

Third, social therapy

Drug users generally suffer from family problems, due to the rejection of their families. The abuser has caused many problems for them, and therefore specialized bodies return the abuser to his family, family, and friends, and guide him on how to deal with them, and courses and counseling sessions are held for them as well.

Fourth, prevention of setbacks

After recovery and treatment, the abuser may experience health setbacks due to this addiction. The expected period of relapses lasts from six months to two years, and thus the symptoms are clarified to the abuser, and those around him, such as family and friends, and how to act in the event of their occurrence, to avoid any risks, and the reasons behind them are explained to avoid them.

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