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We must be sure that relapse should not be viewed as a failure.. But it should be viewed as an obstacle that can be overcome, and yes, it supports Al-Amal Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment for relapsed people..and provides them with the necessary support and assistance.

The addicted patient usually feels the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal of the drug from the body, or the problem worsens and shows signs of drug addiction.. Parents start looking for a way out to solve the problem and confront it.. so that the patient begins to come to the reception center.. to begin.. the treatment journey

Addiction is a disease that affects a person, and a dependence on the type of drug or habit that he is addicted becomes part of his psychological formation..and depends on it for his feelings and desires, and therefore many people are surprised when the addict says that he feels satisfied after taking any drug, regardless of the size of the problems or the environment. It is in it.. The issue in the first place is a “psychological issue” rather than an “organic” issue, so we adopt the thought of rehabilitation to help the person recover.. not just abstaining.

We deal with all types of drug abuse and addiction and other addictions and with all groups, ages and conditions

We have specialized programs that suit the conditions of your work and your family, and the duration of treatment is according to the initial diagnosis that the client undergoes at the beginning of the stage

We have the highest rates of success and recovery in the Middle East, we have helped thousands of patients over the past years

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