What is addiction treatment?

What does addiction treatment need?
What is addiction treatment?
What is the treatment for addiction?

Addiction is a relapsing disease, and the meaning of a relapsing disease is that it is possible to return to it again. It is very dangerous and is produced by substances that affect the brain.
Which causes compulsive behavior to search for the particular addictive substance and continue to abuse and use it despite the harm resulting from it, whether psychological – physical – social, which the addict suffers from
The interest of addiction treatment programs in erasing the memories of the addict

There are some memories and undoubtedly many of them are related to addiction and addictive behavior and it does not occur to the recovering person through addiction treatment programs that these memories are the ones that can bring him back to addiction again because after stopping the recovering person faces the so-called (people – places -Things) and these are the ones who remind the addict of his previous addiction and strengthen his intense desire to return to the drug and addiction again.
People: They are those who sat during the period of use
Places: These are the places where he used to take drugs
Objects: are all the tools or things that he used to use
When the recovering person sees this, the lust returns to him again to use, and if he continues among these people, places and things, the rate of relapse and lust is very large.
Recent research on treatment programs that have been added to the steps of drug addiction treatment has shown that continuous exposure to people, places and things related to drugs increases the chances of relapse and returning again, even if the willpower is great, but the instinct is difficult to stand in front of it for a long time.
Therefore, one of the basics of drug addiction treatment is that:

forget places
avoid people
get away from things
It is one of the most important rules of drug addiction treatment

In the treatment of addiction, it is necessary to learn new things and forms of behavior and deal with the problems that he will face in his life when he is exposed to a friend offering him drugs and offering him to use them, even as a test or as a joke.
There is a golden rule in the rules of addiction treatment, which is that cravings lead to relapse or equal, especially within the first year of recovery, and dealing with cravings and cravings is an obstacle to recovery
And in every person’s life there are many problems and difficulties that may lead to frustration and thinking about returning to drugs and relapse, even as an experiment again.
And to erase these old memories by creating a new set of human and social relationships that will help in self-development, maturation of will and strengthening determination.
Among the most important steps in the treatment of drug addiction:

1 – The importance of having a mechanism for communicating with the guardian of the abuser under the age of twenty because the lack of flexibility in dealing with the abuser leads to the students’ parents resorting to illegal methods to defraud the unfair law against the abuser.
2- Identifying the social and economic characteristics of addiction returnees.
3- Reaching an ideal model to confront the problem of drug relapse through the researcher’s analysis of that problem and the selection of the most appropriate therapeutic approaches to confront it.
4 – Identifying some factors affecting relapse to addiction after treatment.
Failed addiction treatment and relapse into use

Although those in charge of this field in the Arab world take into account the phenomenon of addiction, the problem still threatens the security of society, and it is the problem of returning to addiction, as it is one of the problems that officials in the Arab countries did not pay attention to.

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