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Treatment of modern drug addiction Shadow drug and what are the symptoms of abuse?

Shadow drug addiction is treated with the latest types of drugs; Through a set of modern treatment protocols, and during the treatment journey, the resulting damage is also treated without pain, so that this type of drug is not treated alone or once you stop using it.

Therefore, he needs a quick medical intervention through which the addict is subjected to a treatment program specialized in the treatment of addiction; Specifically, the treatment of this type of modern drug, and the treatment plan includes 4 successive stages aimed at getting rid of it permanently from the body, and working to change the addictive behavior of shadow addicts; The treatment plan also works to change the negative thoughts caused by the dreaded drug, and replace them with positive ones, and thus the person returns to his normal life again.

What is the anesthetic of the shadow (powder)?

Shadow drug or (shadow drug) is also one of the new releases in the narcotic market, and there are those who believe that it is from the Shab family or what is known as crystal meth; Due to the similarity of names, so it is a stronger alternative to estrux; Which has increased in price and is no longer as it was in the past within the reach of the various classes that use it.

Shadow A drug and what is also known as powder anesthetic is also different; About the drug Shab in terms of effect and shape as well, and its price is one of the most important reasons for its spread in the Arab drug markets, and its price ranges between 10 pounds to 150 pounds only.

Therefore, because of its cheap price, it is considered one of the most catastrophic effects on the health of the user, because it contains dangerous substances, as it is a mixture between acetone and ketamine, which calms the nervous system, which is used to anesthetize animals in addition to other unknown chemicals, in addition to tobacco. Therefore, it is not easy to treat shadow addiction on your own.

Shadow drug also comes in the form of a liquid substance or tablets in multiple colors, ranging from white, brown and orange, and it has been popularly used in gyms because of the belief in its ability to help build and amplify muscles.

What are the symptoms and methods of abuse of the drug Shadow?
What are the ways to take the drug Shadow:

Shadow drug comes in liquid or sometimes tablet form, which are ground into a powder, so they are used by:

Intravenous injection is the most common method.
Sniffing through the nose.
Smoking by adding the drug to the tobacco package.
00Symptoms of Shadow drug abuse:
Euphoria and happiness.
detachment from reality.
Auditory and visual hallucinations.
Confusion, confusion and extreme tension sometimes.
00 Damage of the drug addiction:
fall into addiction.
Make the memory weak.
Severe depression.
Having a schizophrenic disorder.
Bipolar disorder.
risk of death.

​​How is Shadow drug addiction treated in 4 stages?

​First, it is not possible to treat powdered drug addiction without medical supervision, because this may cause you many serious complications, and in order to answer the question of how to treat shadow drug addiction? ; Medical help should first be sought because the drug is so dangerous, it requires a specialized treatment program that includes a pain-free detoxification protocol that also includes psychotherapy, behavioral rehabilitation and community integration.

1. Diagnosis and medical examination:

Therefore, the medical examination is the first stage in the treatment of drug addiction. or what is known as powder anesthetic; The goal of this stage is to:

Learn about the health status and side effects of the drug.
Knowing the medical history and whether the user uses other drugs or not.
Is this your first clinical experience or have you received treatment before?
To perform an analysis of the functions of the liver and kidneys to determine the health status and choose the treatment program that suits the patient.
2. Detoxing the body without pain:

The detoxification stage also comes to be the first actual stage of treatment in the treatment of shadow drug addiction; Which enters the user in the stage of direct confrontation with the drug, so where you are prevented from taking and applying a drug protocol that works to treat the resulting withdrawal symptoms until they pass easily; During this period, you do not feel any pain, with the use of medications that prevent the body from wanting the drug, under close medical supervision and continuous monitoring to ensure that you pass this stage completely safely.​

3. Psychotherapy stage:

Also, the most important part of implementing the treatment plan is psychotherapy; Therefore, it aims to treat the psychological drivers that led to addiction and its repercussions, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, through the dual diagnosis unit.
As well as the overall change in the behavior of the addicted patient; Which is created by addiction and earns new healthy behavior and ideas, thus achieving the principle of treating addiction from its roots and not just stopping the use or treating its symptoms.​

4. The stage of social rehabilitation:

The social rehabilitation step also aims to reintegrate the addict into society again and return to his active role, so she has been trained to live without drug abuse.

And also learn ways to deal with difficult situations and the pressures you face without escaping from them, and in the event that this happens.

So do you have a strong desire to abuse and an inner voice that pushes you back to drugs?

You will also be trained to ignore it and not succumb to that desire and thus avoid relapse completely.

Can narcotic addiction be treated at home?

Home treatment may appear to be a comfortable solution for some individuals and may be applied in very narrow circumstances.
But it is generally not recommended by doctors because it is fraught with risks from not being able to control withdrawal symptoms.
In addition, the home reminds the patient of abuse and thus discourages treatment.
With the difficulty of controlling the patient’s stay at home and forcing him to attend psychotherapy sessions.

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