Treating tramadol addiction with safer steps, and how to treat it without pain?

while trying tramadol addiction treatment; We are fully aware of the user’s anxiety and fear, as well as the great need for the patient’s reassurance, and that he needs to know all the details of the treatment plan for his addiction to tramadol. In Abu Rjeila centers, we confirm that there is no pain during withdrawal symptoms, and that this stage is carried out completely safely without any complications; This occurs by following pharmacological protocols for the treatment of tramadol withdrawal symptoms; The program for tramadol treatment contains 4 treatment steps; You can read the article to learn more about these steps which are proven to be effective in successful treatment. What is tramadol addiction and how does it occur? Tramadol is a prescription drug derived from morphine; It is a derivative of opiates used to relieve severe and acute pain and is prescribed medically in limited doses and for certain periods. With abuse, users risk addiction through: Tramadol addiction occurs as a result of the repeated use of large amounts of doses, which affects different areas of the brain and leads to an increase in the secretion of the responsible serotonin hormone, which gives the user a false sense of happiness and euphoria. The body continues to demand it repeatedly, as a result of the effect on the opiate receptors in the brain and its dependence on the drug, and this type of addiction arises from here. In most cases, users of tramadol for medical purposes do not fall into the trap of addiction in a large proportion, but the most common request are those who try to obtain its addictive effect and the delusion it causes; There are those who use it for sexual purposes. What are the symptoms and complications of tramadol addiction? Tramadol symptoms and addiction symptoms: The symptoms of tramadol include a group of side effects associated with taking other opioid compounds, mainly: Nausea and vomiting. constipation; feeling dizzy headache; Anorexia. Dry mouth. Among the most important symptoms of his addiction are the following: pupil constriction; Change in appetite for food. loss of focus Tendency to increase the dose significantly. Anxiety and nervousness if the usual dose is not taken. slow to talk Insomnia and irregular sleep. sweating; shivering; Burning sensation in the chest. Insomnia and inability to sleep.



Tramadol addiction side effects: Violent outbursts. Insufficiency of the glands. hallucinations; Breathing problems. Destruction of liver and kidney cells. Change in brain chemistry. Read also about the treatment of Captagon addiction with simple steps, and can it be treated at home? Tramadol addiction treatment and what are the safe treatment steps?

مراحل علاج إدمان الترامادول

Specifically during this stage, the patient is prohibited from taking any drug, especially if he was previously addicted. We use medication protocols that include addiction treatment drugs to treat and relieve tramadol withdrawal symptoms; until it disappears without pain. The patient is under close medical supervision throughout this stage to avoid any complications and to ensure that he feels comfortable and safe. Each patient has a healthy diet developed by nutritionists to strengthen the body and enhance its immunity. 3. Psychotherapy and behavioral rehabilitation: The treatment period for tramadol addiction does not end once you stop taking it; Instead, this is the first stage that follows a step in the treatment of mental cleft that aims to: Your addiction to tramadol did not occur without reason or coincidence, and at this point we aim to find out the causes and treat them through an individual psychotherapy program. As a result of addiction, there is drug dependent behavior, so we are working to change that behavior and replace it with other healthy behavior through behavior change programmes. When you encounter problems, the first thing that comes to your mind is to take a dose of medicine to forget it, so we train you to deal with problems calmly without resorting to the medicine you have been using. 4. Social rehabilitation and aftercare: This is the last and most important step in the treatment of tramadol addiction, which is followed by Abu Regeila Center during the addiction treatment journey. In this step, communication between you and the center continues after he leaves through regular visits and ongoing psychotherapy sessions, as well as attendance at support sessions that ensure not to return to drug abuse and prevent relapse. Read also about treating alcohol addiction in 4 steps and which is better, home or hospital? Can tramadol addiction be treated at home? It is difficult to treat tramadol addiction at home because it carries a high risk of being counterproductive so it is never recommended for addiction treatment doctors, due to: The patient’s inability to control the withdrawal symptoms resulting from stopping the use of the drug, which exposes the patient to serious complications due to slow medical intervention. Treatment at home always reminds the patient of the days of use, so it does not provide a supportive, healthy atmosphere that encourages treatment. Ease of obtaining narcotic drugs due to poor family supervision compared to those in the treatment center. Be careful not to think that treating your addiction to tramadol without a doctor is a correct option, because treatment without a doctor may expose you to serious complications resulting from withdrawal symptoms and lack of control that may lead to death, in addition to using medications for tramadol addiction outside medical supervision may cause a form of substitution addiction to the substance It exacerbates the problem. Don’t let your addiction to tramadol ruin your life anymore; Save yourself quickly now with a complete treatment program that provides you with an easy pain-free treatment journey; It treats all aspects of psychological and physical addiction and brings you back to normal again


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