Treating alcohol addiction in 4 steps and which is better, home or hospital?

Treating alcoholism and getting rid of it permanently without pain or relapse in successive steps; Therefore, the alcoholic is subject to specialized and careful medical supervision, and also receives continuous care during the stages of addiction treatment in order to reach full recovery.

Also, treating alcoholism is a difficult, time-consuming and arduous process. But by following the right steps to follow it becomes simple, so the most important basic steps for the success of the steps of recovery from alcoholism is the patient’s desire to stop drinking alcohol and change the lifestyle to a healthy life away from alcohol and alcohol.


What is alcoholism and how does it happen?

So quite simply, an individual’s addiction to alcohol is not only caused by drinking, it occurs when the user skips several consecutive steps, including:

Alcohol or alcohol addiction occurs as a result of taking it in large doses daily and for long periods, even not being able to stop drinking.
Addiction causes a change in the general state of the addict who tends to be violent and nervous if he does not take his usual dose, which leads to a cessation in all life activities and a deterioration in his general health suffering from chronic diseases.
Treatment requires the use of medical assistance in a hospital or addiction treatment center; Like the Future Centers group, in order to have a safe intensive alcohol addiction treatment program.


What are the symptoms and complications of alcoholism?

Symptoms of alcoholism and addiction:

With these signs, you can recognize the symptoms that tell you that you have alcoholism and the need for treatment:

Swelling of the eyelids.
Poor focus.
Breathing problems.
slow reaction;
mood changes
increase in blood pressure;


Among its most important addictions are:

  • Intense desire to take the usual doses of alcohol.
    bouts of rage and violence.
    Constant chest pain.
    Infection with diseases of the nervous system.
    Having a stomach ulcer.
    gout infection;

Complications and harms of alcohol addiction:

  • Heart disease, including heart failure.
    Diabetes and pancreatic cancer.
    High level of fat in the blood.
    Infection with respiratory diseases, including asthma.
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