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tramadol question and answer

Tramadol or tamol is a very strong analgesic, and doctors often resort to it to relieve the pain of chronic diseases, but it causes a disaster if the abuser gets used to it in the wrong place and in high doses. We list some questions and their answers about tramadol.
What is the alternative to tramadol in pharmacies?

Tramadol is a powerful analgesic that should not be taken without a prescription, so you should consult your doctor about an appropriate alternative
How can I get rid of tramadol pills and is there a drug treatment?

This depends on why it was initially taken and if it is still present and if present how it should be controlled if tramadol is stopped, on the dose and period of time you have taken tramadol, as well as on the current functional level of the liver, kidneys and other essential vital organs, and in the end to determine this should be To see your doctor to determine all of this and then to know the existing withdrawal symptoms on the basis of which the most appropriate treatment will be selected
Does tramadol affect the brain?

Tramadol is a narcotic and is a powerful pain reliever. It affects special receptors in the brain (the brain) responsible for feeling pain and receptors for its stimuli. As for its effect on mental powers or thinking:
The treatment may depress the central nervous system, so it may affect the physical or mental activities of the patient so that he feels slower or that his ability to concentrate has decreased, especially in the first period of treatment; Therefore, extreme caution should be exercised when performing activities or tasks that require concentration, such as driving a car or operating various machinery, and taking other nervous system depressants or drinking alcoholic beverages should be avoided during the treatment period.
Methods of treatment of tramadol?

It is best to consult your doctor to develop a behavioral treatment plan to help you stop this medication.
When is the release of the substance that tramadol stops in the brain?

This depends on the dose and duration of its use and is usually between 20 hours and seven days

How long does it take for tramadol to leave the blood?

It can remain in the blood, plasma or serum, for 12 to 20 hours after the last dose, but this can be longer than that of other opioids and may be up to seven days depending on the metabolic and functional status of the kidneys and liver.
I take tramadol or tamol half a rivet every day and I am 20 years old to help me memorize and remember, is there a problem
We do not recommend this unless there is a specific and clear medical indication that justifies its use in order to avoid its negative effects, whether organic or psychological.
I am being treated for addictive cramps ((Tramadol)) and the doctor gave me medicine. Depakine Chromium 500)

Dear, your continued use of tramadol with valproic acid chrono increases the risk to the liver as well as kidney function disorder and the effect on the nervous system and the risk of damage and more disturbance of concentration, memory, dizziness, lethargy, nervousness and the possibility of insomnia and the possibility of increased depression and tendencies to suicide and sex discouragement as well
common names for tramadol

Tramadol, which is a capsule half white and the other half orange, produced by Memphis Company, or a green capsule produced by October Pharmaceutical Company.
Amadol is a light yellow colored capsule
Contramal, which is 50 mg capsules, 200 mg tablets, or drops produced by Sigma Company
Tamol, which is white tablets in a transparent box, 200 mg, produced by Alkan Company
Trama SR, which is white tablets in a white opaque box, produced by GNP
Tramal capsules, half of them are orange and the other green, in a white opaque box, and there are also drops of them produced by the company Mina Pharma
Tramax capsules, half white and the other blue, in a transparent box, stacked on two sides, produced by Hi Pharm.
Tramodin white tablets in transparent cans produced by MUB
Tradol is a flat rectangular pill, including tablets in small jars, and water-like injections in transparent bottles
Does tramadol affect sexual intercourse?
I use tramadol because it is a cheap treatment for premature ejaculation, is this true?

Many are using tramadol in search of the illusion of virility and prolongation of sexual encounter and thus a cheap treatment for premature ejaculation, and the fact that this drug can prolong sexual intercourse by affecting the retransmission of serotonin to neurotransmitters, which is the same way many antidepressants work. Prolonging sexual intercourse before ejaculation, but it is important that with continuous use of tramadol and for long periods, tramadol leads to the inability to have an erection and therefore complete failure in the sexual process and impotence.
What if I want to quit tramadol, but I suspect that I am addicted to it? Would you rather treat tramadol at home or in a clinic?
Tramadol addiction treatment must be carried out by a specialist and in three stages I will explain to you:

The first stage :
It is the stage of drug withdrawal from the body, a stage ranging from 4 days: 15 days, depending on the dose used in the past and the duration of drug use. As for tramadol addiction, most cases can be treated at home, but in some cases hospitalization may be required to control withdrawal symptoms. Or psychotic
The second phase :
It is the stage of encouragement and increasing motivation to continue treatment and not return to drugs. This stage is carried out by the psychiatrist or psychologist and its time is immediately after the completion of the purification stage of toxins.
third level :
It is the stage of behavioral and cognitive therapy to change beliefs and misconceptions related to drug use and the view towards self and society. Psychological disorders, which may be a cause of addiction, such as depression and anxiety, are also treated.
Also, psychological treatment may be carried out through individual or group therapy sessions and with the help of auxiliary groups, which consist of a group of former drug addicts who have given up their addiction now, in which experiences are exchanged and support is provided to other people and those who have recently quit drugs.

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