Tramadol addict

Learn about the tramadol addict “Utermal” through the following symptoms:

1- Mild to moderate redness of the eyes, semi-closed (sleepy) eyes
2 – staggering while walking, or walking by pulling the foot (skewed)
3- Constant eating and constant drinking and more than usual, because tramadol or drugs make users feel hungry and thirsty
4- Speaking with a contorted or heavy tongue, and stuttering in speech
5- Continuous lying, so he hides his whereabouts and does not tell when he will return if he leaves
6- Love of solitude, closing the door on him, and not caring for anyone from his family
7- Weak sexual ability, and may reach complete impotence
8- Leaving prayer, fasting and obedience
9- His financial situation is deteriorating, and he is constantly asking for more money
10- He doesn’t care much about his appearance and personal hygiene
11- He makes inappropriate movements and behaviors, such as laughing or crying suddenly
12-The rapid and sudden change in mood, from nervous to calm or vice versa
13- Low level of academic achievement and loss of concentration and memorization
14- Constant feeling of fear and surveillance, and always defending himself even if he has not been charged

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