Ten facts about digital “electronic” drugs

-Digital drugs were discovered in 2012, especially in the Arab world, especially the countries of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, where it was rumored through the Saudi media that the first death from digital drug use was recorded, as the Saudi Ministry of Health acknowledged its inability to access information of this type in record time, as it noted. The Lebanese government needs to increase parents’ awareness of this type of drug, and monitor what their children are doing on the Internet, while the director of the Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse has stated that no cases of electronic drugs have been detected so far in Egypt.
2- The American newspaper “Washington Post”, in 2010, published a study by the US National Institute for Drug Control confirming the absence of any scientific data on the phenomenon, and the University of South Florida revealed through a study it prepared to know if the phenomenon of binaural beats leads to an increase in focus in what is known as attention deficit hyperactivity ADHD movement and found that the phenomenon does not lead to chemical changes in the brain.
3- Electronic drugs cause the same harm to their users as traditional drugs that affect the reaction of the brain by creating a state of relaxation or strength in humans, after they cause an abnormal secretion of mood stimulant, which leads to the breakdown of nerve cells, convulsions or mental disability.
4- The effect of this type of drug appears when a person suddenly begins to isolate in his room for long hours and his body begins to shiver, because these vibrations and sound waves have a bad effect on the level of brain electricity as they not only make the recipient feel elated, but also cause him what is known as mental wandering, which is one of the The most dangerous moments that the brain reaches, as it leads to separation from reality and a severe decrease in focus, and its repetition leads, in addition to the moments of wandering, to seizures.
5- The narcotic side of these tones is by providing the two ends of the headphones with two different degrees of sound frequencies, and the difference is small, estimated at 30 hertz, so it emphasizes that the headphones must be of high quality and of the “stereo” type in order to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and focus, because the difference between the two ends of It is the speaker that determines the size of the dose, so the greater the difference, the greater the “dose”.
6- Digital drugs provide the headphones with vibration-like and distorted sounds, and the sound strength is less than 1000 to 1500 hertz, so that you can hear the chimes.
7- Unlike real drugs, the digital ones provide you with a written guide of 40 pages that explains to you step by step the procedures that you must take in order to achieve the required effectiveness, as more than 80% of those who tried it according to the guide achieved the desired goal.
8- The site offers free samples that can be listened to and then you have to order the full dose. Prices range from $3 to $30 and sometimes more. If you don’t like the library of drugs for sale in advance, they can help you for $100 design your dose to reach a specific feeling that you describe. for them.
9- Electronic or digital drugs are available on the sites with several prices and doses according to the feeling you want to get, and there are short files that last a quarter of an hour, including up to an hour, and some doses require you to listen to several files that have been engineered to hear in a specific order until you reach the feeling Required.
10- Digital drugs are promoted through several Internet sites that market them as safe and legitimate, and there is no law criminalizing listening to audio files in any country around the world, and these sites provide them through several different platforms, ranging from applications for mobile phones to programs running on “Windows” Mac and other audio files.
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