Stories of recovering addicts

The World Drug Report issued by the United Nations annually on global addiction rates indicates that the number of addicts has risen to about 27 million. In Egypt, the number of drug users has reached about 6 million people, most of whom are young people. Here are some young people telling their personal experiences with addiction, as there is a person who has been addicted for ten years For the first four years, he used drugs separately, that is, he does not look for drugs, but rather takes. If one of his friends gives him something other than that, he does not look for it, and the matter developed into heroin. It was normal for me and there was no problem, but the matter turned as my life stopped and became a search for drugs and no It is possible to move or do anything without it, and it came to theft and a lot of problems inside the house, and it even came to beatings to get this drug.
According to one of the recovering addicts, the thing that hurt me the most about addiction was my lack of self-respect and people’s disrespect for me. Everything obeyed me because of drugs and the material losses were very many, but the psychological losses were more, wishing for death at every moment. I can’t stop and I have no ability to continue and I can’t Living and when I started to stop, I began to feel like a human being.” One of the addicts had taught his mother to be addicted to heroin just to ensure that the money from which he was addicted would continue, and they would go together to the place of purchase, and another addict had made his wife addicted for the same reason.
Treating addicts and rehabilitating them in society is a process that takes many stages, starting with medical treatment and detoxification, then psychological and behavioral therapy so that the patient can integrate into society again. He is able to perform at the physiological level as well as to achieve in various issues and disrupt all life except by giving the addicted substance to make him live life normally. This is the physical dependence and there is another crack, which is psychological dependence, which is the most dangerous difficulty and which takes a very large time of treatment.
When the user enters the stage of dependence, that is, he loses control of the drug, he becomes unable to stop, and the main or basic causes must be treated in the treatment, that is, facing the problem itself, meaning the problem is not with the drug being abused, but the problem is in the reasons for its attraction to it. Therefore, most rehabilitation programs depend on skills and increase Awareness and balance in humans, every person has a weak point in his personality, including addiction to the person. Psychological treatment after the stage of detoxification is to bridge or correct this imbalance to make the person able to resist his desires and make him a more powerful person to resist the frustrations and challenges of life that he faces. Having a problem.
The role of the family is very important in treatment, and the biggest obstacles in treatment are if there is a family that is not cooperative or is not of a good cultural degree that helps the recovery process, and an attempt is made to create a healthy environment within the therapeutic world, an environment conducive to recovery or treatment. When these things are absent within the family The treatment becomes more difficult, and this is an important focus within the framework of treatment programs. The family is the smallest unit of society, and it is what brings out to this society a good man that the family, society and country boast about, or leave an addict or scratch a group that has no value always. Everything that comes from the family, righteousness or its opposite, is the family. God save Egypt and our Arab society.


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