الإقلاع عن الترامادول بدون ألم

Quitting Tramadol without pain

Quitting Tramadol Without Pain Despite the pivotal role of the mind in human life as an evolved human being, there is a group of people who have lost their minds in various ways since ancient times.

From wine to modern means of drugs and digital narcotics, this may be a desire to escape the stresses of life or psychological problems.

But many of them, after a period of addiction and living the life of addicts, wake up with the desire to return to their humanity and start their lives in search of cessation and treatment, and we will talk here about how to treat one of the most dangerous of these narcotic drugs, which is how to quit tramadol.
How to quit tramadol?

When you think about quitting tramadol or other drugs, the first thing you are looking for in your heart is the intention, sincere desire and firm determination to treat and bear the consequences and side effects.

This comes through the role of parents and close people who represent psychological support in the life of the addict, and assure him that being addicted does not mean that he has become a criminal, but that he is a sick person and needs treatment, and at the end of his treatment period he will return to normal as it was before.

Then comes the role of the medical team responsible for the condition of the recovering, and as we know that quitting tramadol must be in a specialized clinic and under full medical supervision, and the doctor must reassure the patient and search for him about the latest ways to quit tramadol without pain.

Because the symptoms of tramadol withdrawal may be severe, and in some cases may lead to the patient harming himself or someone around him if the situation gets out of control. Therefore, it is best to work with the addict during the tramadol cessation journey gradually, so that the withdrawal symptoms and its effects are alleviated.
Gradually give up tramadol

One of the most popular treatment methods for tramadol addiction is to gradually stop tramadol, a method that has proven effective in many cases and relies on the addict to gradually reduce the dose he uses.

For example, if he takes three pills a day, he starts to reduce to one and a half a day for a week and then the next week he reduces the other half of the pills and so on.

Despite the ease of this method and the possibility of applying it at home without the need to book an addiction treatment center, you should consult a specialist doctor and follow up with him to avoid any symptoms caused by the withdrawal of tramadol from the body.

One of the most important advantages of the method of quitting tramadol is the gradual elimination of withdrawal symptoms significantly, unlike the method of abrupt cessation, which is a radical treatment, but with severe withdrawal symptoms.
Steps to quit tramadol

The process of treating tramadol addiction is dealt with according to three stages, which are the same stages required to treat most types of addiction, but the difference lies in the details, and these stages are:
The phase of detoxification of the body

Tramadol is stopped and the body is given the opportunity to get rid of toxins, and this period ranges from 4 to 15 days depending on the amount of toxins, the duration of addiction and the size of the dose used by the patient.

This stage can also be done at home, but preferably in a specialized medical center to control withdrawal symptoms.
stage of psychotherapy

The psychiatrist or psychologist at this stage encourages the patient to continue treatment and prevents him from recurring.
Cognitive and behavioral therapy stage

The recoverer was rehabilitated at this stage to return to a normal life with reforming some misconceptions and beliefs about drugs and towards himself and his community, as he seeks to address embarrassing problems, which were the main reason for facing the world of addiction.
Nutritional advice to help you quit tramadol

Some studies have confirmed that there are certain types of foods that are beneficial during the tramadol cessation period, such as excessive intake of fruits, proteins and healthy foods in general.

As well as drinking water, milk and herbal drinks such as anise and green tea, these foods help the body get rid of toxins accumulated during the period of use.

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