opium side effects

Opium is one of the most famous natural inhibitors and contains more than 35 chemical compounds, and it is grown among wheat and barley farms, and it may grow spontaneously, as is the case in the countries located in the northern Mediterranean. Opium is the most dangerous type of drug and it is obtained by cracking immature poppies and coming out of these cracks is a white substance that is collected, diluted and ingested. Body muscles, memory weakness, lack of appetite for food and up to not wanting food, and also leads to slow pulse and usually ends with the death of the opium recipient while he is asleep immediately after taking the dose.
Some other narcotic substances are extracted from opium, so morphine is extracted from it. When some acids and ammonia are added, this results in morphine, which is a white powder that tends to yellow. It leads to shortness of breath and a drop in blood circulation, then sleep, then death. It also extracts another substance, which is one of the most powerful drugs, and the users feel at first a euphoria that lasts only for a few minutes, and then the user feels weak in memory and turns into an aggressive person. He may commit crimes against the law such as murder. Or stealing. This damned drug that I am talking about is heroin, and its users become sexually weak and therefore resort to killing women when they cannot empty their instincts, and for this they pose a danger to society and themselves.
We can summarize the dangers of drugs in loss of appetite – weak resistance to diseases – to irritating the airways and certainly leading to tuberculosis in addition to damage and cirrhosis of the liver, and drugs affect the brain and lead to damage and death of millions of neurons. As for addicted women, they usually give birth to children either dead or maimed. Studies conducted by the American Journal of Medicine and Science have proven that all children born with addicted mothers are mentally retarded and handicapped, and that when they grow up they cause many crimes such as immoral crimes and murder. With all this, we do not forget that AIDS is the most terrifying disease that It can easily be infected and this is also the possibility of infection by injection.
Its symptoms also appear on the face, where it appears yellow and pale, and also has an increase in sweating, and among the side effects is the feeling of nausea, and for women, it causes menstrual disorders for women, and for men, the amount of semen decreases. Studies confirmed that when autopsying a body of opium addicts, traces of the effect of the nervous system were found. They were found in the form of congestion in the brain and its exposure to bleeding, and these physical damages. As for the psychological damages, of course, after the simple wonderful feeling that the user feels, this feeling turns into a feeling of regret, anxiety and depression for about ten hours and in the effects of withdrawal. The abuser begins to feel cold, chills, sweat, insomnia, and tear and nasal secretions, and these symptoms last for three days, and it is possible that death may occur during withdrawal symptoms. Drug jealousy, there is only a little euphoria and leads the user to death.




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