mobile addiction

Did you know that you have something that you always keep and deal with, and its use is considered a lot of addictive cases that are prevalent in recent times, and some may be using it in the wrong way, and it becomes an addictive tool for many of us.
We all carry mobile phones, and some carry more than one mobile device at the same time. The question here is why some of us carry more than one mobile device at the same time, but the possibilities of using the functions of a phone other than the other and each of them works in a different way and each of them carries different applications than the other. The latter has reached us that some people now do not use paper and pen to record their notes, reminders, or actions and use the phone to record this, knowing that sometimes the phone can stop working at any time and all these posts go to waste and the person returns to using The traditional methods again.
But many of us, when our phone stops working for a while, this can provoke great anger and change the situation, and if the phone continues to age, it remains in a good psychological condition. This change that the phone causes in people is a symptom of addiction because drugs also change the condition psychological person.
It must be known that the phone is one of the basic things in all of our lives. It must also be known that it is one of the actual dangers because it sometimes leads to some diseases. With the knowledge of this, people always use phones, and some phone never leaves their pocket. Among the damages of the mobile phone that you should be aware of:
1 – Stanford University conducted a statistic on the students and found that whoever leaves the phone with him while going to bed to sleep decreases the number of hours they sleep, and the percentage has reached 75% of the students
Try to keep the phone away from you while you sleep.
2 – Syndrome of feeling vibrating and hearing, which are fantasies that the phone is ringing or vibrating, and research has confirmed that 90% of users feel that feeling.
3- Research has confirmed that staying away from the phone leads to symptoms such as withdrawal from drugs, such as boredom, wasting, and sometimes depression and fatigue.
4 – Hand, wrist and shoulder pain when sitting intensely, intense writing on the phone for long periods of time, or playing games, and this can sometimes lead to tendinitis.
5 – Pain in the neck, because when a person uses the phone, his head can be tilted forward for a long time. In the bending position, this causes great pressure on the neck, which can turn into severe pain in the neck and spine.
6- The ear: When you talk a lot on the phone, this in turn leads to hearing loss, and also when listening to music loudly, or keeping the phone on your ear for a long time, this leads to severe pain in the ear from the output.
7- Bacteria and some types of bacteria. It became clear from doctors and research that it is very easy for bacteria and germs to transfer from one hand to another, and so it can be transmitted from your hand to the phone and then you talk about it.
Finally, many of the studies we have in Dar Al-Amal centers in conjunction with some international centers in 2012 proved that sixty-six percent of people feel some mental illness, anxiety and fear that their phones will be lost or stolen or that the person will be away from them for a long period or a short period. It also proved that young people From the age of eight until the age of thirty they use phones while doing anything, even while they go to the bathroom
Beware that this is one of the signs of addiction and that you will become addicted to your smart phone and that is very dangerous


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