Methods of drug use

The most common way to take drugs
1. hashish

Through smoking (cigarettes, cigars), and one of the most famous Arab countries in which this type is spread is Egypt.
Or by drinking, where the user cuts the leaves of the hashish and the flower tops, soaks them in water, dissolves them and then drinks them, and this method is spread in India.
Or by eating, so that hashish is mixed with fatty substances or spices and cut into pieces of chocolate and eaten with some foods
2. opium

Opium is used in the medical field to relieve pain, and it is used in the form of solutions taken mostly intramuscularly so that the patient is not exposed to addiction, or as tablets taken orally.
As for non-medical use, it is taken through smoking, or swallowing water and may be followed by drinking a cup of tea, and sometimes the addict resorts to boiling the drug and adding a little sugar to it and then drinking it.
Or emulsification where it is placed under the tongue and the period of absorption is prolonged, or eaten mixed with some sweets, or injections, or drunk dissolved in a cup of tea or coffee.
3. Khat

The cultivation and addiction of khat is widespread in the Horn of Africa, Sudan and Yemen, and it is a green plant whose leaves are chewed and stored in the mouth of the addict for long hours, during which its juice is absorbed, and this process permeates from time to time drinking water or carbonated water, and drinking cigarettes
4. hallucinogens
It has been called by this name for the hallucinogenic effects it causes on the person who abuses, which are mostly fantasies about fake sounds and images, and the most important of these hallucinogens are L.S.D and P.C.P. And hallucinogens are in the form of pills to be taken orally.
5. Stimulants (amphetamines)

It is spread in the sports community, among school and university students, and truck drivers on foreign and international roads, due to its stimulant effects on the nervous system, and one of the most popular ways to take it is in the form of oral pills.
6. Morphine and heroin

Morphine has a great property in relieving pain, but it causes physiological addiction, as it affects the functions of brain cells. Heroin is a derivative of morphine and is frequently used by smell, and it is addicted a week after starting to use it.
7. Cocaine

Cocaine is taken in several ways that are very similar to cannabis, whether by smell, smoking, rumination under the tongue, ingestion, or with certain foods and drinks.

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