How long does cocaine stay in the body, and what are the drug detection tests?

Do you really know how long cocaine stays in the body and blood? You may know the noticeable effects of drugs (when they start and end after you take them), but do you also know how long drugs can be found in the blood? or in urine?

Of course it varies depending on the type of substance how long it takes to get out of your body, but it will probably be longer than you think anyway.. Now let’s find out how long cocaine stays in the body and how long it takes to detect it in urine or blood.

How long cocaine stays in the body:

Cocaine takes 2-5 days with occasional occasional use, or 8 days with heavy use or addiction.

The half-life of cocaine is about one hour. This means that after one hour half of the cocaine is gone from the blood.

5 hours after ingestion, cocaine disappears by 98% from the blood. Cocaine is broken down in the body by the liver, and this occurs at a rate of 30 to 40 milligrams per hour. But when cocaine breaks down, it turns into a number of other substances. These decomposing substances remain in the body for a longer period.

In a cocaine detection test, it is checked whether these breakdown substances are present in the urine. Depending on the type of test and degree of use, decomposers can be detected and with this, cocaine can stay in the body for up to 8 days.

However, the effects of cocaine that a person is exposed to follow a completely different time frame. As cocaine enters the blood through the mucous membrane, the cocaine concentration rises very rapidly during the first 20 minutes.

After one hour the concentration is maximum and then gradually decreases. You feel the psychological effects of Coke especially in the first half hour.

Can I evade the test while cocaine is in the body?

There are some common, useless tricks to avoid a positive urinalysis result such as:

1- Drink lemon:

Can I drink lemon to make cocaine pass faster?

Unfortunately, drinking lemon does nothing.

Cocaine disappears from the blood after about five hours. As for urine, cocaine remains detectable for a longer time. When cocaine is administered once in the evening, it remains detectable in urine for two to three or four days; Then the analyzes depend on the search for decomposition materials.

2- Drink plenty of water:

Some believe that drinking a lot of water while cocaine remains in the body contributes to cleaning urine and removing the effect of cocaine?

Don’t drink a lot of water. Seriously people can die after drinking too much water. Water is essential to life, but too much of it can be deadly!

Cocaine addiction treatment:

Cocaine is an illegal drug that makes you feel good for a short time and gives you a lot of energy. But unfortunately, it also causes unpleasant side effects, fatal health problems, and addiction.

Although the effects of cocaine only last about 20 to 30 minutes (unlike real estimates of how long cocaine will stay in the body), the substance stays in your body longer. It’s time to rid your body of cocaine and to start late than never.

If a drug test is nearby or you simply want to purge your body of cocaine and start a new life, start off cocaine completely, make sure you drink water, and stick to healthy habits.

Here are the steps:

1) Stop using cocaine immediately.

2) Get ready.. Once the effect wears off, anyone who uses cocaine is likely to have a breakdown; This is because your body is regaining its balance. Prepare to experience fatigue and depression for a while, sometimes for 2-3 days.

3) Prepare for withdrawal symptoms: If you use cocaine regularly, you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms when you cut the use out of your life. Reassure yourself in advance that you will succeed and prepare mentally for the following possible symptoms:

– Vomiting and nausea

Depression or anxiety

Mood swings or irritability

Itching or feeling like something is crawling on your skin

Insomnia, long sleep

– Fatigue and exhaustion

5) Start an addiction treatment program: If you have used cocaine for a long time or are still using it frequently, you may need addiction treatment under medical supervision.

No medication can remove cocaine from your body, but medical providers can help you with withdrawal by providing medications to combat withdrawal symptoms.

If you need help, search online for a drug addiction treatment center near you.

6) Wait! There is no quick way to cleanse your body or to reduce how long cocaine stays in the body, so the best thing you can really do is wait and be patient.

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