How do you treat yourself from tramadol?

Tramadol treatment steps
The treatment of people who abuse drugs, especially tramadol, seeks to achieve two goals:

1 – rid the body of the effects of tramadol, which contains toxic substances that cause damage to the body.
2- The return of the tramadol addict to his daily life activities such as work, sleep and wakefulness, and getting used to living a life without abuse.
Treatment of tramadol addicts requires passing through some stages and therapeutic steps in order to be carried out safely, including:
1 – Phase I withdrawal symptoms «DETOX»:

The withdrawal phase takes about a week to ten days in order to get rid of tramadol toxins and remove them, and this phase is accompanied by the appearance of some symptoms on the addicted person, the most important of which are: – Severe pain. Sleep disturbance. Crack – Diarrhea – Flu – Psychological symptoms where the patient feels malaise, depression, tension, boredom and weariness as a result of the withdrawal of toxins from the body. The doctor’s role at this stage is to give the patient some hypnotic drugs, analgesics, and antidepressants, and he also receives antiepileptics in case of convulsions and epileptic fits.
2 – The second stage “rehabilitation”:

This stage depends on the rehabilitation of the person to live without drug abuse, and this stage lasts from 6 months to a year, during which the patient receives psychological, educational, spiritual, family and social treatment, in addition to the drug side. It is also useful in this stage of treatment through groups «group therapy or individual sessions and the practice of sports and artistic activity and other activities. Dr. Hani Jubran, obesity and thinness consultant, points out that when quitting tramadol, a person should pay attention to the quality of the food he eats, so that he can get rid of the accumulated toxins inside his body. The obesity and thinness consultant offers the best foods that help in quitting the use of tramadol, the most important of which are:
1 – Healthy food that is free of fat.
2- Eating a lot of fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges and pears.
3- Eating vegetables in abundance such as parsley, which plays an important role in cleaning and cleansing the body, watercress, which expels toxins from the body, spinach, carrots, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and mallow.
4 – Animal protein plays an important role in getting rid of toxins from the body, such as red meat, fish and chicken.
5 – Eating hot herbs such as green tea, ginger and licorice, but for those with regular pressure and those with high pressure should stay away from it. Star anise and caraway are among the things that help calm down and rid the body of toxins.
6 – Eating milk is one of the most important things that are recommended because it cleanses and cleanses the body. Finally, it is recommended that people stay away from eating things with high sugars because they cause weight gain.

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