Emptiness and unemployment are one of the factors of drug addiction

Intellectual emptiness and unemployment lead to addiction
Some young people may suffer from an intellectual void, where they are not interested in constructive knowledge and general culture, and therefore their judgment on matters is not sound, and some may suffer from an emotional void, where they do not feel their love for their family or loyalty to their country, and some may suffer from a physical void where they do not find The work he occupies and absorbs his energies
Especially for young people who have completed their studies and military service and suffer from unemployment that causes them boredom, boredom, despair, frustration and worries, so the person lives in disorientation, and he may search for a way of entertainment and watch TV until he gets bored of it quickly, if he does not know how to use his time well with another study such as studying computer Or perform a service for the family and society, as he may drift towards sitting on coffee and lapping in the streets, and this and that carries with it the danger of falling into addiction to narcotics.
Vacuum may push a person to paralysis and frequent participation in events that are not free of pitfalls, and the first experience of drug abuse may be on one of these occasions as a kind of relaxation and recreation, and a person who suffers from emptiness and does not feel that his life has value, his connection to drugs is stronger.
Addiction is always linked to the economic aspect, and with the waves of unemployment that young people suffer from, especially after privatizing the public sector and laying off many workers, we find that the unemployment rate is steadily increasing, and therefore we can expect in the coming years to increase the rate of addiction.

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