There are many people who have been depressed for several years, and there are those who do not find a meaning for their lives, nor the purpose of depression. Depression is not a genetic thing. Depression is a loss of identity. If you are raised with a life philosophy that does not reinforce you, the concept will be do the right thing and everything will be fine. If it doesn’t, you become depressed because you have lost predictability. Even depression exists in animals such as dogs. For example, if the master of the dog dies, you will find that he does not eat or drink and barks in everyone who approaches him because his complete identity was as one team with his master. The difference between animals and humans is that most animals do not fear death. They do not even know that there is such a thing. The tribe does not know what death is and does not think about it.
Depression has become a prevalent condition for many people, and there are questions about knowing depression and how it occurs and its symptoms. Depression is a severe sadness that extends for a period of time that exceeds a week or three weeks, and determining this period due to the fact that we have gone through normal cases of sadness that last for some time for periods from Assam to two weeks and we return to our nature Again, but in cases of depression extending to more than this, here the person suffers from depression, which is a psychological condition that affects the private and public life of the individual and it stops all private daily activities. Depression is the most common and widespread mental problem due to depression in women more than men and this is due to women going through more difficult stages than men. .
Symptoms of depression Apathy in general, persistently low levels of activity, back pain, persistent persistent sadness, low memory, persistent headache, stomach pain, inability to face any problem or difficulties, loss of concentration and feelings of guilt, up to the point of thinking about suicide or harming those around him, and there is agitation Physical instability, all of these are symptoms of depression, and there are certainly other symptoms, but these are the most famous symptoms, which you always find very common, and information will be added about the rest of the details, but if you suffer from some of these symptoms, you must quickly go to a psychiatrist to quickly correct the matter and treat it.
The causes of depression always occur as a result of severe nervous stress, and of course, life stresses are involved. Depression is a distinguishing sign between transitional periods, for example, from divorce or from adolescence to adulthood, or from place to place, and it can come with poor health or with financial problems, or if there are problems or work pressure is very great, and also there is a very important reason is that depression Contagious disease. If you are babysitting a person who has depression, you will get it too. There is another thing. Most people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and psychological disorders have depression and there is also the accumulation of problems and it comes to the person that life becomes all problems and the person does not solve any problem, Faisal is at the point of freezing thinking and inability To make a decision, and all he wants is to escape from these problems in any way.
We do not forget physiological factors such as low thyroid hormone or hypothyroidism in addition to hormonal problems that occur after childbirth or during menopause. What increases depression is that sometimes it appears suddenly and without any clear factors on the individual and is called endogenous depression and depression is treated Through medication or without medication, which is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is treatment without drugs. It is important to visit a psychiatrist to help change thoughts, as well as clarify the situation or the whole picture about the person. Sports is a very important factor in depression, which is sports. Reading, learning and trying to change thoughts. Setting a goal and identity to get out. It is because depression can lead you to drug addiction or addiction to many bad habits.

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