Definition of addiction

Definition of addiction

It is not limited to drugs, but goes beyond it to food and the Internet, and some of it is practiced without restrictions. Some believe that the addict is the one who takes prohibitions from alcohol, alcohol or drugs, but the truth appears otherwise, with the entry of the new millennium there are other types of addiction, which appeared in societies and spread Among young people, it is practiced completely freely and under the watchful eye of officials and with the consent of parents, such as addiction to food, the Internet, video games, or even shopping, and not only
Drug addiction…..

They are new types of, and at first glance it may seem strange to talk about them, full of exaggeration, but the reality indicates the suffering of the families of these addicts who are obsessed with one of these types of addiction… and the difficulty of treating its addiction.
* Even the word “addiction” has differed over its definition by scholars. Some of them insist that this word applies only to substances that if ingested.
Man, he will not be able to dispense with it, and if he dispenses with it, it causes him to have withdrawal symptoms for that substance, in addition to problems
An adult exposed to it later, and therefore he cannot dispense with it once, but rather needs a program to quit that substance using substances
Substitute and gradually withdraw the original substance, as is the case in most drug cases.
Another definition of addiction

It is the inability of a person to dispense with something, and his constant need for more of it in order to satisfy his need of it until this affects his personal life.
Accordingly, there are those who are called food addicts, and addicts…. etc.
secrets of food addiction

The secret of food addiction, for example, is linked to dopamine, a substance that Swedish scientist Arvid Karlsson, who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2000, proved to be one of the neurotransmitters that carry chemical messages between more than 100 billion brain cells.
Dopamine is the main driver of human pleasure, and it conveys the feeling of joy and happiness for many reasons, including eating a delicious meal, for example, or a specific type of food.

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