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Dealing with a stubborn addict and how to convince him of treatment in 7 steps?

The fact of dealing with a stubborn addict and how to convince him of treatment is not an easy task; It is one of the most common problems faced by many, particularly fathers and mothers, as well as husbands, and here it requires us to be calm, patient and wise in dealing with a stubborn addict, so that we can overcome the mistakes that increase his denial and stubbornness towards treatment; Therefore, we at Abu Rjeila Center have presented the most important points that will help you on how to deal with the stubborn and convince him of the treatment; After doing a lot of studies on some people who came to us and had the same problem.

Therefore, before getting to know those tasks, you must first identify who the stubborn addict is; What are the reasons for his refusal of treatment, and why does he always refuse to get rid of his restrictions? and why he has an aversion to loved ones who want to help him; We leave you now with how to identify a stubborn addict, followed by how to deal with it.


How to deal with a stubborn addict in 7 steps?


So in the beginning, there is what not many people know about the stubborn addict; He is not likely to acknowledge the extent of the problem that led him to this conclusion, but he denies it because he cannot stop it or does not have the ability to deal with it.

That is why when the parents begin to present the problem to him, he begins to defend himself in a strong and impulsive way, and denies any guilt or error. Therefore, today we talk about that problem and offer you the most important steps that enable you to deal with a stubborn addict and convince him of treatment? ; You should read the following lines:


1. Real knowledge of addiction and the nature of the addicted person:

  • We must first acknowledge that addiction is a real and influential disease.
    Your kid’s addiction is not a moral market or a failure in parenting.
    Always make sure that what you know about your son, his actions and nature in front of you is not; Like its nature on the outside.
    Your addicted son can’t control his addiction and often feels helpless about his problem.
    The addict refused treatment because he was afraid to live without drugs.
    Also, make sure that he does not want his life to continue in this way.

2. Deal calmly and act wisely:

There is a realization that we feel anger towards the son, if he or the husband; However, dealing with a stubborn addict requires a little wisdom, patience and calmness. You should also talk to him in complete calm and in a low tone of voice that indicates lack of emotion and not fear, because this helps him to build a bridge of communication between you; It also gives him a sense of comfort and makes him trust you, and makes him feel that he is not in a position of hostility, but in one of solidarity with him.

3. Confronting the active addict firmly:

“I know you do drugs.” Start by talking to him in a direct confrontation and telling him that you know the secret of his addiction, but in a positive tone, not an accusatory tone; It is better to have the evidence with you, whether it is the drug or one of the tools used, so that he cannot evade him and force him to enter the main topic directly.

4. Talk to addicts about the harms of addiction.

“It has changed a lot, and it is no longer the same as before”; “You dropped your academic level and you got fired.” Dealing with a stubborn addict showed him the serious damage the addiction had taken on his life, and the person he turned to to realize the addiction’s impact on his life and what he would do with it if he continued with it, the use.

5. Support and give confidence:

“I am with you and I will not leave you and I trust your ability to overcome this disease” Confidence in an addict may be difficult for you, but he needs it badly, so show him your trust in him and his ability to overcome his addiction and tell him that you absolutely support him and that you will always be near him.

6. Handling family problems:

Sometimes this may be the reason for your son’s addiction or your husband’s addiction, due to the many family disputes and forcing him to flee from them and resort to drugs; In addition to your neglect and harsh treatment of him, his stubbornness with you becomes of your own making, and if you want to convince him of the treatment, you must change your relationship with him immediately and turn it into a friendship, and solve all the family problems that the house suffers from, whether with the wife or children.

7. Seek medical help for him:

The sooner you seek medical help and register with an addiction treatment center that specializes in detoxification and psychotherapy, which aims to treat depression and childhood trauma, the more easily you will help your child overcome his addiction and avoid the disastrous effects of addiction, which may lead to imprisonment or the risk of death.

How to convince a stubborn addict to get treatment for his addiction?


How to convince a stubborn addict to get treatment for his addiction?

How to deal with a stubborn addict after completing the stages of his treatment?

The role of the family does not end only when the addicted son goes to an addiction treatment asylum; Rather, the family must provide a supportive environment that helps to complete the treatment after he leaves the addiction recovery cycle, and after the son returns from the sanatorium in which he completed his treatment period through a wide range of addiction treatment methods, the parents must follow all of the following:

Make sure you provide him with a supportive environment that helps him not to relapse again.
Make sure he participates in family activities such as going for walks or work, taking care to keep him away from the urges or triggers of addiction.
Ensure that it is linked to some recreational or sports organizations such as sports clubs and others.


Will the stubborn addict return naturally after the end of the treatment period?

In fact, this question cannot be answered with an absolute answer; This is determined by several factors such as:

duration of drug use.
The type of drug used.
Efficiency of your detoxification program.
The amount of medication he was taking, as he may be taking more than one drug at the same time.

All of the above factors affect the duration of treatment and how the addict returns after treatment. But it is very important to understand that addiction is the same as other chronic diseases. In other words, we can say:

can recover from it.
It can be scaled, not cured.
If not treated with intervention, it may persist with the person for life.

Therefore, we in the Future Centers Group for Addiction Treatment offer all means that help drug addicts. In the treatment of addiction in complete secrecy and in a safe manner, we also provide many means by which you can reach the therapeutic facility and then reach full recovery. And the real change in the personality of the addict and the removal of negative thinking of the idea of ​​stubbornness towards treatment.


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