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Causes of addiction

What are the causes of addiction?

1- Factors related to the used drug:
In terms of its chemical composition, quantity and frequency of use, addiction varies from one drug to another. For example, a person becomes addicted to hypnotics after using them regularly for about a month, while an individual becomes addicted to heroin after three injections in three consecutive days.
2- Factors related to the individual himself:
Many researchers believe that the causes of addiction are due to features related to the personality of the addict himself and his genetic traits that may affect the degree of his sensitivity to some
Medications and nervous system tolerance.
The addicts suffer from previous disorders of addiction, as they have a helpless and deficient personality that makes them escape from reality, and some sufferers may be forced to
With mental or physical ailments, it leads to taking sedative drugs, and after a while of using them, addiction develops.
3- Factors related to the environment and society of addicts:
The family environment plays a major role in determining the fate of its children.
Where psychologists believe, the abnormal situation of parents or their inability to perform their role properly and bad company, is an important factor in
Children’s addiction, and the cultural factors and social values ​​prevailing in a society play a role in the possibilities of addiction, for example, the permissibility of drinking alcohol in some European and American societies helps spread its abuse, while Islam’s prohibition of alcohol affects the prevention of the spread of this habit among Muslims..
And we should not forget to mention that many disasters and wars that left destruction prompted many to resort to drugs and take them to relieve the state of anxiety and sadness that these calamities reflected on them.

 Models that tell us the causes of addiction:

Escape from reality with drugs.
A statistic prepared by the Department of Addiction Treatment at the Freedom Center confirmed that the number of addicts to narcotics who frequent psychiatric clinics is estimated at about 20 thousand addicts of all ages, and the percentage of addicted girls increases significantly … and another statistic indicates that the number of refugees for treatment reaches about 10 thousand from Substance abuser.
* And the experts of psychotherapy at the Freedom Center from addiction confirmed that psychological treatment is the main factor for the patient and not medical, and then after that medical treatment because the patient at this stage is completely missing out on behaviors such as taking responsibility and how to deal with others from here is the psychological preparation, behaviors and medical Together, they also confirmed that no drug addiction patient is completely cured, but only a recovered patient.

And about the causes of addiction, the report emphasized that they are diverse and according to the circumstances of each patient, including:

* Harsh treatment at home.
* The patient’s bitter experiences.
* Some friends control the patient or bad friends.
* Resorting to drugs on the grounds that they are medicine.
* Escape from problems as a temporary solution, even addiction.
* Feeling the patient’s sense of full maturity and his tendency to single experience.
The report indicated that the most serious cause of addiction is the attempt to experiment with the use of narcotic substances, which are widespread in different ages, educational and cultural levels.
The misconception of some young people is that trying all things is obligatory and does not care whether it is harmful or beneficial. All that occupies his mind is to open a space for false freedom that leads to the end of its path to destruction, and not only the destruction of this young man, but the destruction of an entire family.
And inside the hospital there are different cases that we decided to keep their names..
We only tried to shed light on the causes of drug addiction. In the beginning, H.N. said, I am 15 years old and I study in the second grade of the second year of commerce. My life was full of love and respect from friends and parents. Everyone who sees me describes me with decent morals, but after joining that school I got acquainted with Many things were never in my life and some of the bad girlfriends and this is the most important reasons that made me deviate to this path.
I went with them for the first time and one of my friends assured me that I was going with them to her sister’s wedding, and I met a handsome young man there and we exchanged conversations there, but he was several years older than me. He tried to tell me that he loved me and I responded to his interesting talk and decided to take the risk and take this thorny road And the first time he gave me some of the narcotics that he takes, called the banjo plant, and after I took it with him, I felt nothing but that I had everything in my hand, and after the dose was over, I didn’t feel anything, so I thought at first that it was the last time I would try this drug and I felt I have the ability to stop taking it whenever I want, but I was deceived by my self-confidence and I couldn’t stop and I started feeling numbness, tremors and headaches. The different substances, and I learned from him that they were derivatives of heroin, and my biggest surprise was when I learned that the one I loved was no more than a skilled hunter of easy prey, weak in character, and he began to blackmail me and take everything I had in order to give me one dose, and when my money ran out, he began to ask me to deviate into the path of sin to get I got the money needed to buy narcotics, but I was not able to do this, and I started to take positive steps after my family learned about what happened to me, and I went to the Freedom Center to get rid of what I was in and started the treatment journey.

As for the second case:
(A. A) will tell us about it. He is a student at the American University from an upper middle family. He is the only boy and spoiled to a high degree. All that he wishes for is answered. No one could replace him with an opinion or what he will do. He says, I was studying, but I did not like what I did. What happens after I finish studying? Nothing. Life will pass in any way. I did not think, even for a moment, about the next day. What time holds for me. All I realized is my day. One day, while I was walking inside the club, I saw a group of young people sitting out of sight, so my attention caught my attention. This exciting scene, so I came to know what was happening, and from here the problem began. The group was taking some types of narcotics, whose name I did not know at the beginning of the road, but then I learned that it is cocaine and they use it because it is the only one that does not leave after its completion on the body any traces other than laziness and constant sleep .
And this is what everyone around me noticed, and the days passed while I was taking the dose, but it was increasing day after day in order to have an effect inside my body. But all I do is only a temporary solution, as I did not feel tired in my body, but I felt symptoms of depression, and this is more terrible than an organic disease, and the journey of addiction treatment began.

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