Tramadol causes mental and physical addiction

Signs that a Tramadol user has become addicted Pain in joints and limbs Radical change in appetite decreased libido stomach pain twitter Hypertension anxiety and tension excessive fatigue sweating Change in the size of the pupil of the eye depression Inability to perceive and concentrate Indifference and monopolization of life matters such as work and …

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انواع المخدرات وطرق تعاطيها

Types of drugs and ways of taking them

Kinds of drugs Addictive substances 1 – Downers Alcohol Barbiturates – Benzodiazepines Cannabinoids (banjo, marijuana, hashish) Opiates (opium, heroin, codeine, sedative drugs) 2- Stimulants (Uppers): Amphetamines (Amphetamines): Mix – Ephedrine Cocaine – Caffeine 3 – Hallucinogens: Magic mushroom LSD- Parkinol-Ecstasy 4- Organic solvents 1 – Downers alcohol its forms: Alcohol units: – 1 bottle or …

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stages of addiction treatment

Therapeutic stages of drug addiction treatment 1. Treatment of withdrawal symptoms 2. Full residence centers, divided into: § Private Department Hospital § Therapeutic community (principle) A religious therapeutic community § Dar recovering implements the 12-step program 3. Intensive/normal outpatient clinic 4. Support groups, the most important of which are the 12-step groups 5. Alternatives: methadone …

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