Captagon addiction

What are Captagon Pills:-

In short, Captagon pills are those pills that are known as stimulant pills or stimulants because they cause excessive activity and increased movement, as well as not feeling tired and hungry, and it is also one of the derivatives of amphetamine. The scientific and real name of Captagon pills is amphetamines. There are other common types and names for Captagon pills used by promoters and abusers, such as Qdoum, Homs, Lajj, Abu Qusin, Halawa, Abu Melf, Datsun, Chalk, Captagon, and Captagon. Among school and university students, especially during exam times, between taxis and truck drivers and those who work for long periods of time, and among some athletes as well.
What are the signs or symptoms of a Captagon addict:

There are many signs or symptoms that appear on a Captagon addict or stimulant pills, and some of these signs may appear immediately after consumption, and others appear after a period of use, and these symptoms include frequent movement, a lot of talking, rubbing of the teeth together, smoking heavily, cracked lips, dry saliva and more excretion. The tongue to wipe it, severe insomnia, frequent staying up late, sensitivity to light, especially sunlight, due to the dilation of the pupils of the eyes, and also from the many symptoms, frequent itching of the nose, the appearance of an unpleasant smell coming out of the mouth, an increase in the secretion of sweat, high blood pressure, an increase in heart rate, pallor of the face, darkening around the eyes and poor appetite. For food and lack of sexual desire or intercourse with the wife.
The addiction to Captagon leads to a state of illusion, where the addicted to Captagon feels that there are a lot of insects moving on his skin. He also shows symptoms similar to cases of schizophrenia or paranoia. As he becomes very suspicious of others, some users of Captagon may doubt their friends because they cooperate with the police Drugs and there are those who suspect that his wife has relations with others, which has the greatest impact on destroying social and family relations.
What are the side effects of Captagon?

One of the most prominent harm from the harm of stimulant Captagon pills is addiction to it, because the person taking Captagon pills becomes over time in need of a lot of dose in order to get the same effect and feeling that he felt before when he was taking one or two pills, so he takes five pills or more until he delivers More and more of the desired feeling he has from the addiction and abuse of Captagon.
As for the effects of Captagon pills on the human body, they are very many, including dry mouth, nausea, great difficulty in urinating, insomnia, headache and tremors, and often diarrhea or constipation. Sexual desire, respiratory depression, temporal and spatial disturbances, hallucinations, convulsions, coma, and skin rashes. The abuser becomes irritated and becomes aggressive. One of the most harmful effects of Captagon on men, especially as it affects them, causes them to have sexual weakness after prolonged use. As for women, the danger is greater. During pregnancy, amphetamines and their derivatives such as Captagon have the greatest impact on the deformation of the fetus during its development during the first three months of pregnancy…Amphetamine addiction also leads to injuries in the arteries due to its injection into the vein, kidney failure, destruction of blood vessels in the kidney and blockage of blood vessels. Brain and brain hemorrhage may lead to death.
Methods of treating Captagon addiction:-

Addiction to Captagon pills begins with the treatment of Captagon withdrawal symptoms. Captagon withdrawal symptoms start several hours after the last dose taken, and peak intensity within 2 to 4 days, then usually fade on the seventh day of stopping use. These withdrawal symptoms range from lethargy, increased appetite, and sleep, perhaps for a few days, to severe depression. One of the most important of these symptoms is depression, because it may have led the owner to commit suicide.
Hence, treatment of Captagon addiction needs medical observation and control, and perhaps in some cases a person who has stopped Captagon needs some antipsychotic medication. The drug addict who wants to get rid of the Captagon addiction must possess the strength, insight, desire, sincere will and motivation for treatment. It is better not to treat himself at home, because he will need specialists and experienced professionals who have skills that increase the motivation of the desire for treatment and urge the addict to continue to stop using.

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