Buying and shopping addiction

The word “shopping” is enough to make some listeners feel pleasure and pleasure and make them look in their pockets to see how much money they have and go to the shops or malls for shopping. Sometimes it is enough to shop online and what you bought comes to your door. Let us let the second part of e-shopping now and let’s talk about shopping go. In the malls, you see those who carry in their hands many and many bags for different shops, but the important question is do you really need all these things, and do you used to go down from time to time to buy? Are you addicted to shopping? Is there an addiction to shopping? How do I know that I am a shopping addict, as we all need to buy the things and luggage we need.
Shopping addiction is a psychological disease like all kinds of addiction and it really needs psychological treatment. Unfortunately, it affects women more than men, especially since in our societies women are responsible for the house and the purchase of its supplies. Indeed in some countries there are specialized clinics to treat shopping addiction. It is not a bad habit. It is addictive and explains Specialists in Dar Al-Amal Hospitals that if there is usually a certain limit exceeded in a way that leads to harm, there is a defect in something else, with another meaning that a person addicted to shopping does not have any need for what he buys, but rather is addicted to buying in order to solve a problem with excessive buying, as a simple example of It is possible for a person who is addicted to shopping in order to change the special mood no more and improve for two or three days and everything will return to what it was.
Therefore, the purchase comes out of reasons that have nothing to do with the person’s need to buy himself. The feeling of shopping in the case of wanting to buy the necessities is a good thing and there is no problem with it, but reaching the desire to shop all the time is an expensive and wasteful matter in the case of buying unimportant and available collectibles in this case It is widespread among women, as many statistics indicate, to get rid of the constant desire to shop and buy unimportant products that are available in the home, and this matter is certainly the focus of great creativity between husbands. She has a reason to buy so much.
The person has to admit that it is an addiction and not just a habit, and discover the real reason behind this addiction, and try to find the actual cause of the shopping addiction process as an adult. Is it nervous pressure? Is it a love for control? Is it loneliness or a vacuum? When the reason is discovered, go to a specialist to treat the main cause because addiction here is a symptom of no Disease, but there are some helpful tips, and to keep in mind that these tips without treating the main cause are useless, be satisfied with the things inside the house and make lists of purchases before going shopping to reduce the purchase of unnecessary things and when shopping do not go alone but be with a friend who is not addicted On shopping because his advice will be important because he will give advice on the importance of what he buys and advise experts not to pay attention to advertisements.
It is advised not to buy with credit cards and to stick to cash in order to control what he buys. All of these tips limit excessive shopping. There is also a reduction in the number of going to large stores and shops, in addition to changing and diversifying the places where a person goes out for a picnic, such as going to the cinema or sports clubs, in addition. To invite friends all these things in order to stay away from stores that generate the desire to shop, and in children there are those who want to own a lot of toys, so the child must get used to one game and before going to the store determine what type of toy he will buy.


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