ثلاث خطوات لعلاج ادمان الترامادول

Three steps to treat tramadol addiction

First, the symptoms of tramadol withdrawal must be under the supervision of a physician specialized in the treatment of addiction, because the symptoms of tramadol withdrawal are serious and fatal, and this is followed by an intensive stage of psychological, behavioral and cognitive rehabilitation to ensure that the goal of rehabilitation is not just temporary …

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الشوق الى المخدرات

Craving for drugs

Desire to return to drugs after completing the treatment program Craving for the drug at the beginning of the stopping period and in the long-term recovery periods is expected to happen at any moment. The recovering addict will not be isolated from the world and people, but will be in constant contact with things, people, …

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الادمان فى مصر

addiction in Egypt

addiction in Egypt Studies have confirmed that the rate of spending on drugs in Egypt exceeds 26 billion pounds, and the percentage of civilians in middle school is about 22%, and the rate of drug use among friends is 82%, in cars 49%, 40% at parties, 25% in bathrooms, and 15% in nightclubs. According to …

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Methods of drug use

The most common way to take drugs 1. hashish Through smoking (cigarettes, cigars), and one of the most famous Arab countries in which this type is spread is Egypt. Or by drinking, where the user cuts the leaves of the hashish and the flower tops, soaks them in water, dissolves them and then drinks them, …

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What is addiction treatment?

What does addiction treatment need? What is addiction treatment? What is the treatment for addiction? Addiction is a relapsing disease, and the meaning of a relapsing disease is that it is possible to return to it again. It is very dangerous and is produced by substances that affect the brain. Which causes compulsive behavior to …

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Tramadol causes mental and physical addiction

Signs that a Tramadol user has become addicted Pain in joints and limbs Radical change in appetite decreased libido stomach pain twitter Hypertension anxiety and tension excessive fatigue sweating Change in the size of the pupil of the eye depression Inability to perceive and concentrate Indifference and monopolization of life matters such as work and …

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