علاج الادمان ودور الاسرة

Addiction treatment and the role of the family

The age of addiction has decreased to the age of eleven years, and in some cases it is less than that and many cases are received. The patient is the one who asks for treatment and this is a very important thing, but also there are many families looking for forced treatment, but unfortunately in government hospitals the law prohibits forced treatment There will be those who are hesitant about treatment, and this is better than refusing treatment at all, because in cases of hesitation, there is a stimulating treatment for the hesitant patient. As for the patient who refuses treatment, there is a legal problem in government addiction treatment centers and even in the ordinary treatment.
The stages of addiction treatment are between a medical and a psychological stage. Medical is the withdrawal of toxins and if it is done individually, the cure rates are only two percent. In the treatment of drug addiction, follow-up to the patient is a very important thing because addiction is a chronic social, psychological, behavioral disease that is reversible, such as sugar and pressure, and therefore it is It needs to be monitored greatly, and the problem of drugs for the young age lies in the cheapness of drug prices. Tramadol tablets reach two pounds. The problem of physical drugs is not great for certain types of addiction, and there are for each social group and they have their own narcotic substances that they accept in accordance with their economic condition and the low age of addiction is what worries specialists The decline in the age of addiction is due to the decline in the role of the family, as the two walk with each other.
In some drug addiction treatment places, the proportion of addicts who live among the family (father and mother) is fifty-eight percent, and this leads to the family’s weakness in primary prevention or early detection of cases of abuse. Most of what reaches addiction clinics or addiction treatment hospitals is the addict in late cases. This makes the treatment process very difficult for specialists. The more the patient is discovered in the early stages, the more effective and easier the treatment is, the later cases reach years of addiction, the last monitoring of the age of use reached eleven years, and the age of starting smoking reached nine years, and this is very important because smoking is a major and important gateway. It is addictive and there are signs of drug addiction, but unfortunately it is discovered after a physical breakdown and the addiction to the boy is clear.
We want to increase the family’s awareness of the child’s behavioral change, so that there is a greater response to the speed of disease detection, in contrast to the reliance on physical symptoms, so addiction is discovered late. The promise of behavioral change is a very important factor and signs of the boy’s addiction. There is also a deterioration in the level of study, isolation and nervousness, and there is a change in the echoes, a very important factor. Sleep disorders Such as intermittent sleep or sleeping too much during the day and waking up in the day. All these signs flash a red light. When these cases appear, the family must research what is happening to find out their causes, because in all cases, either the changes are due to drug addiction, or the child or young man is going through a psychological crisis and needs a family next to him. .
The role of the family before the youth. They must be aware of drugs and the direction of drug addiction treatment, because the family is the first line of defense and the language of the murdered dialogue between parents and children. All of this must change. We are in a dirty war with an unknown enemy, an enemy like cancer. No one knows about it, it spreads and grows, it starts with wonderful feelings, and unfortunately the family rejoices that its son is in a good mood, and they do not know that he has begun the path of the abyss to fall into a ruthless enemy and does not discover when he is weak, emaciated, unable to do anything.





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