مخدر الاستروكس

3 Why do the above principles of addiction treatment form the basis of any addiction treatment program?

Estrox is considered among all types of drugs that pose a great danger, both to human life and to

On society, because the drug Estrox causes countless big problems and therefore it is necessary to

Estrox addiction treatment.

What is strox or strox drug?

It has spread in a superstitious manner and is very large in the recent or recent years among young men and girls of all categories,

Where merchants and promoters manufacture it ingeniously and professionally to destroy generations after generations of young people and destroy

Their health and eventually settle in the sanitarium, prison or death.

We will get to know what is estrux in a more detailed way

Estrox is manufactured or made up of aromatic mixtures extracted from cannabis plants that are sprayed

With analgesic chemicals such as ketamine, hyoscine, atropine and hyoscyamine, and also traders have invented

Narcotics are other substances of unknown source that are mixed in a certain proportion, as a bag of estrox is sold for an amount of

300 pounds and that one sachet contains 4 grams of estrux

Estrox names:

Young men and estrox users give it many names, as it is also called the drug of Satan, the amulet and it is known

Also with a common name for him is dmt or the blue elephant, the joker.

What is Estrox and its uses?

Strox drug is used for many things, and basically it is used

As a treatment for animals and also materials that are already added to it are used as a treatment for animals to calm them such as

Ketamine and atropine, as medical professionals have indicated, is a type of synthetic marijuana

There are more than 120 species or more that contain a group of concentrations of different substances, the danger of which is greater than

The strength of the effect of hashish or banjo, because it contains substances classified as narcotic substances

They are called psychotropic substances that cause auditory and visual hallucinations, and their goal is to have the same effect as substances

Illegal drug.

Read what did estrox users say about him?

A person who uses estrox tells that since the second breath of a cigarette, the sharpness of vision decreases

The vision becomes double, and the person also loses his focus and the person enters a dream or semi-coma temporarily and feels good

In a state of tension and anxiety and waiting for anyone to talk to him in order to feel reassured, this person said

According to his experience with estrogen, some users suffer from auditory and visual hallucinations and may feel

With death, punishment, and reckoning, it is impossible to accomplish anything under the influence of the Estrocs, such as talking on the phone

With someone or driving and its effect lasts between 30 to 45 minutes approximately and when sleeping and waking up in the day

The second is that the person is in a very bad mood and is accompanied by chronic headaches.

And another person who takes estrogen tells his story with his experience of estrogen, he says when I took an drug

The estrux felt like I was dying and dying, and I saw strange things before my eyes, fantasies, convulsions, and anxiety.

The tension of all people.

Where we encountered a person who had taken estrox, and he said that this drug causes the user’s body to secrete a substance similar to

The substance that the body secretes during death, and he also adds that this drug affects the nervous system in the body

The person and with repeated abuse causes him to enter into a state of depression of the first degree, and on one occasion

This person took a few breaths of estrox cigarette, as the active substance in it was very strong

He felt very frightened by all the people around him and started running away from them, under the illusion that they were chasing after him.

One of the dealers who sell estroxe has also said

He says when this drug was manufactured, our purpose was to counteract the effect of hemp, banjo and hashish

And marijuana, but this is through chemicals and is not classified as a natural substance, where the active substance enters

The estrox drug is used by means of herbal fragrances and in the form of a liquid that is transformed into a mist or spray that is sprayed on

Tobacco or any herbal substance of a light green color, such as marjoram or sage.

One of the psychiatrists and specialists in the field of addiction treatment also said that the drug Estrox began

It spread in Egypt about 3 years ago, where they also said that its effect exceeds the effect of cannabis 200 times

Sometimes it causes physical pain and a strong desire to take this damned drug again.

Where some doctors added to an electronic magazine that the anesthetic estrux causes erasure

Parts in the memory and also causes an increase in the heart rate, indicating that the damages of cannabis and banjo do not exceed 10

percent of the damage done by astrox.

The target group of Estrox:

Estrox drug targets a large group of the wealthy, because its price is high, the price of a bag of Estrox

For an amount of 300 pounds, most of the drug users are residents of high-end areas and children of children, and it also targets students

High school and private colleges, and that the most abused of estrux are girls and women, as they use it

greedily, due to their ignorance of the harms and dangers it poses to their health.

The Role of Government and Society in Combating Estrox Addiction:

Control and penalties should be tightened against drug dealers, producers of estrox, and those who deal with them

In order to prevent them from spreading further and to reduce the harm of young people who are unaware of anything about the dangers of addiction and drugs, and the danger of estrux in particular.

Awareness campaigns for young people in universities, colleges, schools and adolescents, as well as through several methods

Including the media, audio radio broadcasts, social media and advertising banners in the streets of Egypt and the entire Arab world.

Sentencing drug dealers and dealers of these toxic substances with the most severe prison sentences.

Tips to get rid of estrogen addiction and help treat estrogen addiction:

First: You are the nation’s hope and the flower of its youth, so always remember that addiction destroys your health and the flower of your youth withers and destroys you and all your lovers.

Second: Get closer to God more and do spiritual works that help you whenever you think about wanting to go back to the estrux drug or when you get weak in a moment, remember God and bring you closer to Him.

Third: Estrox addiction drains your health, destroys your youth, enthusiasm and physical strength, and also affects your finances.

Permanent and complete, or to add another job to occupy your time and not have time to think

In drugs again or do charitable and voluntary work in a charitable organization.

Fourth: Cut off all ties with your friends who use estrox and any other type of drug and get up

Develop your skills and intellectual and behavioral abilities, develop yourself and your strength of self-confidence, and train yourself to

Benefit the community and others to become influential in the community.

Fifth: Do not let the fear that exists within you because of withdrawal symptoms be a reason for delaying the treatment period for estrogen addiction.

Worry, there are many medicines that help reduce withdrawal symptoms and you do not feel physical pain and you will be under care

An integrated medical and one of the best addiction treatment clinics in Egypt. Abu Regeila Foundation for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment

It is one of the most important therapeutic institutions that fight addiction and drugs in all the ways and means that

She can really advise you to join her treatment team.

Sixth: You must be patient and have willpower, endurance, determination, and determination to treat and get rid of addiction.

And in an example that some therapists give of addiction, and it is like what I have tired of taking drugs, I am tired of idleness.

How to take the drug Estrox: Estrox has many forms when it is used, and in the foreground is its smoking, as the users of Estrox are making cigarettes such as banjo and hashish, and it is also used by injection and through a liquid in cigarettes and electronic hookah.

What is estrux and its danger to human health:

Specialists in the field of addiction treatment and psychiatry have confirmed that estrux is more dangerous than substances

The user may enter into a semi-coma and become detached from the reality around him, just as

It also causes constipation, low blood pressure, increased heart rate, and a sharp drop in the menstrual cycle

blood circulation, stopping the activity of the heart and some functions of the body’s organs, and leads to death by 30%.

Symptoms of estrogen addiction:

The first area that gets infected by taking estrogen is the nose, and the toxins that are produced by

Its use causes cancer, narrows the arteries of the body and affects the mind completely and becomes the eye

Red nose too.

What happens when you stop taking Alstrox suddenly?

After abruptly abstaining from taking Estrox, it may cause a great danger to humans due to its symptoms

Fatal withdrawal, which can cause death, therefore, estrogen addiction must be treated in the best way

Addiction treatment clinics in Egypt in order to be fully recovered from the drug under integrated health care and supervision

Ongoing medicine 24 hours a day.

Estrox side effects:

The use of estrogenic drug causes loss of appetite towards food, which leads to general weakness, thinness of the body and lack of appetite

Activity and not getting things done normally.

It also causes digestive disorders and some other problems that cause bloating and infections


When the dose of Estrox is increased, liver enlargement occurs

It causes erosion in millions of neurons in the brain, which leads to a stroke

Chest as a result of smoking estrox and anemia, or known as anemia.

It causes temporary memory loss and also causes auditory and visual hallucinations and many psychological disorders

Damage to one part of the brain, not estimating distances, performing some abnormal behaviors, and inability to

Vision well.

It causes a sharp drop in the respiratory system, which may also cause convulsions and the inability to breathe normally

Natural and the abuser may feel severe suffocation and may faint.

Estrox may make users contemplate suicide, due to hallucinations that are caused by it

No one can get the user out of these hallucinations except for specialists in the treatment of estrogen addiction

The effect of this case may take half an hour.

– Injury to a person who is addicted to Estrox or taking an estrogen to a severe congestion in the larynx and dilated pupils

And redness of the pupil of the eye.

Addiction specialists report on estrogen addiction:

Doctors specializing in addiction treatment have stated that the symptoms of estrux are similar to those of cannabis

It causes mood disturbances, severe body aches, and a desire to sleep for long periods.

One of the doctors in addiction treatment hospitals in Egypt also stated that there are no accurate statistics about

The number of estrox addicts in Egypt indicated that their number is constantly and continuously increasing.

One of the doctors stated that there is a big factor that helps young people and a large number of them take estrogen

This is due to its effect, which does not appear in medical analyzes, so it cannot be detected through an analysis

Urine, as doctors in laboratories have found a way to show Estrox in the analyzes currently.

Estrox addiction treatment:

It should be known that the stages of treatment for estrox addiction differ from one patient to another, due to the duration of use

The drug has the age of the patient and according to his health and psychological condition as well, the extent of his ability to treat, and finally the type and strength of the drug

A person’s will and determination.

Estrox addiction treatment is divided into 3 main stages:

1- The stage of detoxing the body

At this stage, the body is purified from all toxins resulting from drug abuse and completely eliminated
With the help of doctors and nurses, by giving the patient medications that help him get rid of
These toxins and this stage may take from 7 to 10 days and maybe more, depending on the patient’s condition and the type of drug.
The stage of diagnosis and psychological rehabilitation

This stage is summarized in the treatment of mental illnesses and behaviors associated with addiction
The abuser, as these negative behaviors and mental illnesses must be addressed so that the patient does not return to
Drugs again, by training the patient in skills that strengthen his determination and self-confidence
Raising awareness of the dangers of drugs and addiction and training him to deal with negative thoughts that he may have once
Another is about recovering in order to take drugs again, and also at this stage the patient is given some
Medicines that help him not feel like using mood stabilizers and antidepressants, and that is done according to
Diagnosis of the patient’s condition and this stage is in several different forms, sometimes it is collective and sometimes it is
Individual sessions, individual and group sessions, and a full study of the patient’s life is also conducted and to find out if he is in
Other previous attempts to stop addiction, at this stage the sick person is reintegrated into society once
Another life for a new and better life and training to face the pressures of life and how to deal with it and how
Deals with other people.
3- The stage of not relapsing and returning to addiction again

At this stage, the patient is trained in the ability to make decisions without using drugs again.
He is also always reminded of the penalties that he met in his life due to drug use in general if he returns
To addiction again, and the patient is trained not to return to the drug again by cutting off all roads
And ways that may lead to a return to addiction.

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