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We are the future hospital for psychiatry and addiction treatment in Egypt

We are the Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt. We are the latest addiction treatment centers in Egypt. It is a unique and innovative approach in the world of psychiatry and addiction treatment. It is affiliated with the Foundation of Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt International, which has been working in the field of addiction treatment since its establishment. year 2000.

And then the existing team working at the Future Hospital Foundation for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt, in cooperation with the largest international institutions in developed countries in the treatment of addiction and behavioral and psychological rehabilitation in America, Britain and the Netherlands, began to transfer and develop the latest advanced and successful treatment programs that are commensurate with the Arab nature and oriental.

Indeed, the Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction was established in Egypt to be the first hospital in Egypt to operate with the latest programs for psycho-behavioral rehabilitation and addiction treatment. Indeed, since its opening in 2012, it has achieved resounding success with a recovery rate of 65%.
The Future Foundation for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt includes hospitals, centers, medical and psychological rehabilitation homes, alcohol addiction treatment, and drug addiction treatment, within American and English protocols based on scientific research evidence and therapeutic results.
It is based on creating a specialized and highly professional therapeutic community to confront addiction issues, psychiatric issues, and concurrent psychological disorders such as repeated traumas associated with drug abuse and addiction.
Future Hospital has also contributed to the development of the addiction treatment and psychiatry system in many hospitals and centers specialized in psychological and behavioral rehabilitation in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and a number of Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Sultanate of Oman, and we have a large base From clients from different countries of the world who were able to gain their trust through our dealings with them in these years.
A training center has also been established and an approved curriculum developed by the De Hoop ggz Foundation in the Netherlands, supported by an accredited training team from the NET Institute in Florida, ISAAC (International Substance Abuse & Addiction Counseling) in the United States and the Arab International Training Foundation, in cooperation with the Canadian Center for Human Development. and Sixth of October University.
• We offer a treatment system that is customized to meet unique and individual needs, commensurate with the conditions of addiction treatment in Egypt.
• We provide specific solutions for each type of addiction separately, as we know there can be no single approach to addiction treatment.
Our treatment programs are individually designed and rely on a wide range of specialists in this field from doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and addiction therapists

Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt

It is a long-standing institution that has been working in the field of addiction treatment for 18 years, and has won awards as the best therapeutic community in the Arab Republic of Egypt for several years in receiving and rehabilitating addiction patients in Egypt. Future Hospital has also been proud during 18 years of experience in achieving the best and highest abstinence results in Egypt and the East The Middle .

The centers in the Arab Republic of Egypt consist of twelve rehabilitation centers equipped at the highest level of hotel service, and they include single and double accommodation rooms, hotel suites and accommodation rooms to suit all levels and tastes. The centers also include green spaces to provide the required calm atmosphere. Various diets that suit all tastes, and the institution also includes two centers to expel toxins and deal with withdrawal symptoms, supervised by doctors specialized in expelling toxins from the body and equipped with the latest medical means and devices for rapid expulsion of toxins and dealing with accompanying symptoms around the clock.

There is also an outpatient center that provides follow-up services and various psychological and family services and includes a group of doctors and specialists in most branches of psychiatry and addiction treatment. The outpatient center also provides rehabilitation services through follow-up programs and services dealing with psychological issues through specialized cognitive behavioral therapy and with problems Psychological services for children, families, marital relations and various other services. It also provides immediate analysis services for drugs and viruses around the clock.

Future Hospital


Strong and good will

Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt offers a combined range of treatments that are customized to meet the unique and individual needs of each patient, and we also provide unique treatment for all different types of addiction

Leadership and good reputation

Throughout 25 years of service, we always strive to provide distinguished and innovative services in the field of addiction treatment, and over time this effort has helped build a good reputation inside and outside Egypt, praise be to God, as a result of our remarkable successes achieved by the hospital.

You will feel at home

So that every patient knows that Future Hospital provides him with the best treatments, he will find the necessary care and attention, and this is what distinguishes Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt because it uses and receives a specific number of addicts in order to provide them with services

We deal with the underlying issues that lead to addiction

At Future Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Egypt, we do not only ask you to fill out a paper to enter the center, we want to help you identify the symptoms of the disease and how to contain it. Our goal is not to provide you with temporary control.

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